Arthritis Living Aids

The varieties of arthritis living aids provide an element of relief and hope to those who have faced the diagnosis of arthritis and the pain that goes with the condition. Arthritis, the inflammation of one or more joints, can affect one or more sites in the body resulting in one or any combination of:


Pain with movement in any of these body parts, much less when arthritis affects more than one area, can seriously affect the quality of life.

Types of Arthritis

Inflammatory arthritis occurs when white blood cells invade the joint fluid, which is the case with rheumatoid arthritis as well as infectious arthritis such as psoriatic arthritis and reactive arthritis.

Osteo arthritis or degenerative arthritis, occurs with the normal wear and tear on joints or as in traumatic arthritis when a person injures one or more joints in his or her body and over time the joint breaks down making movement painful. Other forms of arthritis occur due to infection or affect certain areas of the body such as:

Juvenile arthritis is the collective term for all forms of arthritis that affect children age 16 and younger. The most common types of arthritis in children are juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Whether you are a child or an adult dealing with any the type of arthritis, arthritis living aids are available to ease the challenges of daily living.

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Arthritis Living Aids

The products available are as varied as the many types of arthritis, and the right arthritis living aids not only make daily living chores easier and allow for more independent living, some relieve the stress on the arthritic joints. Products for all aspects of daily life and hygiene are available such as:

  • Self Care - From equipment to raise and lower you in the bath to simple long handled bath brushes to portable raised toilet seats, you will find equipment to suit your needs.

  • Dressing - You can purchase adaptive clothing, elastic shoe laces that will change your laced up footwear to slip-ons and even magnetic clasps for your jewelry so you no longer need to struggle with tiny clips and fasteners.

  • Adaptive Equipment - Switch enlargers to make turning on lights easier, utensil holders to make holding spoons and forks easier and long handled dust pans are a few products available to ease daily living challenges and chores.
  • Dream Kitchens - Devices such as a one touch can opener, an electric wine opener and an electric jar opener are some of the aids to ease kitchen chores.

  • Independent Living Aids - Devices such as mobility scooters, walking canes and a power wheelchair all help to maintain mobility and independence.
  • Arthritis Help - Playing card holders, a book holder and big-buttoned television remotes are arthritis living aids for enjoying life activities.

  • Arthritis Aids  - A heated mattress pad, posture support and a memory foam seat cushion all protect and soothe painful joints.

These are a few examples of the assistive products that are available for people who suffer from arthritis and deal with the difficulties and pain of swollen joints and loss of fine motor skills. An important strategy is to keep moving and doing despite the obstacles so that you can continue to be active and involved.

From wondering what is rheumatoid arthritis or any of the many kinds of arthritis to what you can do to handle it, you will find many supports for thriving with the condition, and not simply suffering with it.

You should always start with your doctor to be sure you have a proper diagnosis, as some symptoms of arthritis are similar to other conditions.

Once diagnosed and treated, as difficulties and challenges arise in your day-to-day living, you can always investigate the various arthritis living aids that will help you.

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