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3 wheel scooter

A 3 wheel scooter is a great way for someone with mobility limitations to get around. While there are also four-wheel and five-wheel scooters available, three-wheel scooters are ideal for most people. Some of the factors that make this a favorite for people with mobility problems include:

  • Most models work well both indoors and outdoors
  • They are easy to ride and maneuvering is a breeze
  • They are lightweight so it is possible to stow them in cars or vans for long trips

The low turning radius of a 3 wheel scooter is one of its main advantages. It is easy to navigate them indoors where you are likely to have more obstacles. The compact design makes them easy to store, and for many people, there is a greater element of control than they would find with a power chair. As mobility aids go, this is a versatile product. It enables someone with disabilities to move around at home, in the office, or make a quick trip to the store.

How to Select a 3 Wheel Scooter

Buying any type of mobility aid involves a process of information gathering to find the right one for your specific needs. Aside from a preference for a certain design or color, some important pointers to keep in mind when shopping for mobility aids of this kind include:

  • What will you use it for? Will it be mostly for home use or for use indoors? If it is for outdoor use, sturdier models are necessary especially if the terrain is rough 
  • Your weight - since different models are more suitable for riders who are over 400 lbs
  • Your length - since leg room on your ride will determine comfort level
  • Will you need to use it after dark? If yes, you will need a model that has light

When choosing depending on your taste, some additional features to look at include mirrors, baskets, adjustable arm rests, adjustable seats and horns. Each brand has various accessories that will help you personalize your ride just the way you want.

Popular Brands

The marketplace has many models that can suit any individual, regardless of taste and budget. In an effort to attract buyers, many manufacturers and sellers will send a technician to your home to teach you how to use the 3 wheel scooter. These sessions can prove invaluable to uncommitted buyers, as it gives them a firsthand look at the product and all it features and capabilities. Some popular names in this range are:

  • V-Moto
  • Yamaha
  • Kymco
  • Honda
  • Benelli
  • Motobella
  • Aprilia
  • Suzuki
  • Giamoto

With this many brands to choose from, anyone can find the most suitable model for their needs. Having this wide choice also means lower prices due to competition. In fact, in many states it is possible to get insurance coverage to help you buy one.

Maintaining these mobility aids is generally not challenging, since each one comes with its own manual on proper use and care. Before you buy any brand, you should ensure that replacement parts are available at a dealer near you. Among the points you will have to pay attention to are correct tire pressure, and keeping the batteries in good condition.

In many cases, the 3 wheel scooter is preferable over models with more wheels. They are less bulky, and are capable of making tighter turns. For someone with arthritis or some other disabling condition having one enables real independence. Since they generally do not require as much upper hand strength as a wheelchair, these rides are perfect for someone with mild arthritis in the hands and shoulders.

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