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Hello and welcome to Arthritis Living Aids, and my tribute to my father and all of you who, like him, suffer from arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Over the years I watched my active, energetic father begin to do less and less, as arthritis began taking it's tole. It was heartbreaking.

Then someone introduced me to the large variety of aids that enable those with arthritis to live a relatively normal life, and even more important, maintain their independence.

As my father began to use some of those different... genius... adaptive aids, he began to enjoy life again. Watching him beat me at his favorite card game, because he was once again able to hold the cards in comfort, was amazing!

I had my dad back.

Now, I want to help others regain their independence and privacy, and that's where Arthritislivingaids.com came about.

I hope visiting here helps you or your loved one enjoy living once again.

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