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Adaptive clothing helps eliminate, or at least make easier, a task you face everyday-getting dressed. Stiff joints, achy hands and inflamed fingers can make this activity difficult, frustrating and time consuming, but with a full line of easy to put on attire, you can avoid this annoying challenge. If you need a cozy pair of pants or a comfortable bra with good support, you can find it among the many pieces of clothing designed for arthritis sufferers.


Typically, pants come with an all button or button and zipper closure and the pressure required to do or undo these mechanisms can irritate your arthritic joints. To resolve this wardrobe dilemma, you might consider pants that have an elastic waistband, as well as those with a Velcro closure, snaps or a pair that you can simply pull on, giving you a completely hassle free means of dressing.

If you do not have arthritis in your hands or wrists but instead, have it in your back, hips or pelvic joints, you may prefer back flap pants, a piece of adaptive clothing which you or a caregiver can put on while you remain seated.


Shirts should not pose too much of a problem when getting dressed since you can opt for simple pull over tops that require no zippers or buttons. However, if you have arthritis in your neck, shoulder joints or at the elbow, pulling a shirt over your head and raising your arms may prove to be difficult. If you find yourself in this situation, fear not, as you have other options besides the traditional t-shirt.

Easy to button cardigans are one option but for chillier days, you might prefer snap back wraps made of fleece or velour. Another piece of adaptive clothing you might be able to put on without difficulty is a top with a Velcro closure or, ladies, you might like a zip up coverall with a matching shirt to wear underneath. For the gentlemen, a zip up hoodie over a basic tee might help you to be more comfortable on a brisk autumn day.


Bras can be troublesome to put on even without arthritis but if you do have achy joints, this must have undergarment is included among the adaptive clothing line of products. For starters, these bras open and close in the front so you can actually see the clasps and do not have to stretch your arms to the middle of your back. The closure is the traditional eye and hook but the loops are much larger so they are easier to grab, see and connect.

Additionally, these bras tend to have no underwire, more support and extra cushion on the straps, all of which prevent skin damage and limit the extent of back or shoulder problems.


The great thing about outerwear is that if it is not too cold, you do not even need a jacket, as you can just throw on a shawl or vest, no buttoning, zipping or snapping required. A Velcro closure on a fleece or coat is ideal for colder winter days or if it is raining, just throw an oversized poncho over your head and weather the storm.

Adaptive clothing can make life with arthritis much more convenient and reduces the chance of injury, flare-ups, pain or discomfort. You always need clothes so of the many arthritis-relieving items you could buy, these should be at the top of your list.

Besides, you tortured yourself to fit into too-tight jeans and tanks when you were younger too impress your significant other; you deserve to be comfortable while enjoying your golden years. You already know you look good, now you just need to help yourself feel good.

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