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Arthritis aids are a great means of comfort, pain relief and posture support that you can use at home, on the go, during the day or at night. Although these pieces of equipment do not cure or eliminate the pain that comes with arthritis, they do help to alleviate it and may slow down the rate of joint deterioration.

The relief offered by these products can also improve your psychological well-being by making you feel liberated and confident in your ability to perform daily activities without any assistance.

Good Night


A good morning begins with a good night’s rest, which you cannot attain if you are experiencing pain or joint discomfort. To help you sleep better, you may try any of the numerous bed products available in today’s market.

One of the more traditional remedies includes the heated mattress pad, a technological wonder that allows your body to relax and recover while you sleep. When you apply heat to the body, it increases blood flow and reduces inflammation, both of which offer many benefits that help the affected area to improve. These activities also help to reduce muscle tension and joint stiffness, two things you are sure to be grateful for on cold, damp nights.

When looking for a heated mattress pad, you may want to consider a few important features, such as dual heating control, thickness and aroma. If you share a bed with someone, the double heating mechanism is a good compromise, as it can keep you warm but allows your significant other to maintain a cooler temperature.


Thickness is important with regards to comfort so if you find that too much cushion aggravates your condition, simply chose one of the arthritis aids that are thinner in size. Aroma is another personal choice but can definitely help with pain since it has a calming effect that often makes your mind wander, allowing you to forget about any discomfort.

If you prefer to stay cool at night, alternative arthritis aids that could help include the magnetic mattress pad, which also improves circulation and helps the muscles to relax. Scientists have yet to prove one way or the other if magnets really do help to treat or cure certain conditions but for some people, this holistic method does seem to work.

The idea behind this type of treatment is that the body is an energy source and magnets produce energy fields, both of which are true. By applying magnets close to the body for a decent amount of time, the energy, theoretically, should shift until there is a restoration of balance.

Take a Seat


Sitting for a prolonged period of time is uncomfortable even when you do not have arthritis so when you do have this painful condition, it is only natural that you should want to minimize any pain or discomfort. To make sitting more comfortable, you could try a memory foam seat cushion or a posture support aid, one of the various types of arthritis aids designed to make life a little easier.

You can opt for a lumbar or bottom cushion, though using both might be best. The cushions, though not small, are light weight, making them easy to transport from your home to the car, office, plane and anywhere else you might go, enabling you to be comfortable all the time.

Living with arthritis is not easy and it can take time to adjust to the many devices and pieces of equipment you may need to use to do simple tasks. The search for arthritis aids may also seem overwhelming and time consuming but try to focus on improving your quality of life by minimizing your pain and being self-sufficient.

It is sure to be trial and error for a while but once you find what works for you, the overwhelming feelings disappear and life is again enjoyable.

More Aids for Comfort and Stability

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