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The range and creativity of arthritis help items is amazing and sure to help you live a simpler, more fulfilling, independent life. You can purchase a device to help button a shirt or buy a few pieces of equipment and completely redo a room in your home to make getting around, relaxing and every day activities easier. 

Your life does not have to stop or have limitations just because of this painful condition so read on and discover the many ways you can gain back your freedom.

Look Your Best


Arthritis pain and inflammation may make it difficult to be in certain positions, bend or reach, therefore inhibiting normal daily activities, such as dressing or grooming. Fortunately, several devices, such as comfort grip, easy to use nail clippers, are available to help you primp so you can always look your best. 

If you have difficulty pulling up socks or putting on nylons, a molded stocking aid or easy on and off sock kit can send your troubles packing. A buttonhook and zipper pull, both small enough to fit in your pocket, can also assist you while dressing or donning an overcoat. To complete your look, try a hair dryer holder, a long handled comb, magnetic jewelry clasps and tweezers that require little pressure and are easy to grip.

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poptop can opener aid

If you love to cook, eat or just enjoy feeding others, do not let your arthritis stop you from indulging in your passion, or from going hungry. Among the most sought out arthritis help items for the kitchen are jar and bottle openers, which provides reason as to the vast array of available products designed to make this task effortless. 

A rocking knife, peeling plate and utensils with curved, easy to grip handles are additional tools you may find helpful when preparing and eating a delicious meal. Non slip food mats, a stove-top potholder, produce chopper and cheese slicer all allow you to prepare your favorite dishes with the same sense of safety and confidence you had prior to the onset of your arthritis.

Have Fun


In addition to devices that make daily living simpler, you can also find arthritis help products to assist you in having fun. If you like to play cards, pick up a couple of playing card holders to help keep your hand hidden from opponents.

The big button, large remote control lets you easily flip between games, check the weather or put on your favorite soap opera. When the fun is over, make the most of your down time by using a book holder to help you unwind while reading the latest best selling novel.

Pain Management


Despite your efforts, these devices may not be enough to minimize pain so that you can perform daily tasks. However, arthritis help is also available for you to wear, providing comfort and pain relief throughout the day. Comfort wrist pads can ease pain while working at the computer, writing out bills, playing cards or simply resting your arms on the table. 

Arthritis gloves offer compression and help to circulate blood, thus relieving pain, swelling and cold extremities, a quality also featured in angora elbow, knee and back warmers. A cooling thumb splint and hand exerciser may also provide additional support and help to reduce arthritis pain.

Depending on your needs and the severity of your condition, you may find many of the other available arthritis help products, like the general grabber, to be beneficial in assisting you with everyday living tasks. You can find an array of items at a medical supply store, online, through catalogs and for discounted prices, try yard sales or auctions. In any case, do not let your pain discourage or prevent you from living a normal, active, and independent lifestyle.

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