Bathroom Grab Bars - Bathtub, Shower and Toilet Safety Bars


The use of bathroom grab bars throughout your lavatory provides a safer, more comfortable environment. You can strategically position these safety devices around your bathroom so you have stability in the shower, by the toilet and while walking around. This precautionary measure helps to prevent falls, slips, injuries and further damage to your already arthritic joints.


Some grab bars for the bathroom are easy to install, as they do not require screws and drilling into the wall. In order for these bars to stay in place, they use a strong suction at both endsa of the bar. Although these may be more convenient to install and the suction is more powerful than those found on cheap devices used around the home for organizing and decorating, you still have the risk of the bar coming off the wall.

This should not happen, especially if you use a bar with commercial suction and it meets medical quality standards. If you opt for another type of suction grab bar, it can come off more easily and if you slip while holding the bathroom grab bars, the weight of you going down could pull the device from the wall, turning a slip into a fall.

On the more positive side, these grab bars are good if you travel or have two homes, as they are portable. Additionlly, some of these bars are adjustable so you can shorten them for a small bathroom or if your arthritis is not that bad. Later, if your arthritis progresses, you can lengthen the bar to provide more stability and support throughout your bathroom.


A more standard approach to the bathroom grab bars are those that you need to install directly into the wall. If you are unable to perform this task, ask a friend, family member or look into medical supply stores that sell and install the equipment for you. In the event you do not have a professional do this, make sure you use anchors for the screws, as this adds extra support and prevents the hardware from becoming loose.

Regardless of the type of bar you choose, you should always purchase one made from stainless steel so that it does not attract or retain bacteria. You also need to ensure it is real stainless and not simply coated or has a stainless finish, as these are not the same and can rust or harbor bacteria.


When choosing bathroom grab bars, size does not matter, just your personal preferences and needs. If you have a small bathroom or your arthritis is mild, you may prefer a short bar to assist you in walking, sitting or standing while in your lavatory. A long bar or one that extends throughout your bathroom might be better if you have a more severe case of arthritis, particularly if it is in your knee or ankle joints.


You can place the bathroom grab bars anywhere you find to be convenient but some areas, like inside and outside the shower, should definitely have grab bars, as accidents are most likely to occur in this vicinity. Placing a bar or two near the toilet is also likely to add comfort and prior to installation, you should sit on the toilet and test out the areas you are considering.

If the bar is too far away, you could fall trying to grab it but if it is too close, it might be hard to keep your arms tight to your body and still lift yourself up off the toilet seat.

If you or someone you know has arthitis, especially if it is an advanced form, do not hesitate to purchase and install medical grade bathroom grab bars in the restrooms throughout the house. This simple safety measure could mean the difference between enjoying each day, spending some time in bed or worse, in a hospital. Avoid doing further damage to your body and stay healthy by making each daily task as safe as possible.

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