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Finding the best can opener when you have arthritis can be a challenge. Arthritis-related joint problems such as stiffness, inflammation, and pain can make everyday activities difficult.

The pain often occurs after increased joint use, such as heavy gripping or grasping. That means that using normal kitchen utensils that put pressure on the joints can increase the pain that a wrist or hand arthritis patient lives with every day.

The use of arthritis living aids can help relieve joint pain by reducing stress on the joints from these normal every day activities. That’s where these terrific arthritis friendly can openers come in. Here is a list of the five best can openers for arthritis patients.

Hamilton Beach Walk ‘n Cut Compact Can Opener

This Easy-grip can opener will open any size can using only one hand. Just attach it to your can and it cuts and shuts off automatically. You can plug it in for overnight recharging.

  • Opens any size can
  • Attach to can and watch it go
  • Removable cutting lever lifts off for easy cleaning
  • Compact size easily stores
  • Shaped to fit easily in your hand

Kuhn Rikon Safety Lid Lifter Can Opener

All you do is place the opener on the can and turn the comfortable knob. You won’t have to fish for lids, as this can opener prevents lids from falling into the can. It's a can opener with a touch less system that keeps your hands completely away from the lids

  • Stainless Steel Cutting mechanism
  • Automatically locks onto can
  • Cuts from the side leaving rim smooth, not sharp of jagged
  • LidLifter jaws clamp on to remove lid from can
  • With a push of a button release lid into trash

Hamilton Beach SmoothTouch Can Opener

Sharp lid edges are no longer a problem with the SmoothTouch can opener. Side cutting action lifts the can top up and off leaving a nice smooth edge. For arthritis patients or anyone with safety concerns, this is one of the best can openers on the market.

  • Convenient electric can opener
  • Works for normal and pop-top cans
  • Large lever provides effortless operation
  • Attractive design
  • Black & Chrome, sleek design fits any kitchen décor

Black & Decker Gizmo Cordless Can Opener

This versatile, cordless can opener, opens cans anywhere. Simply clamp the opener onto any size can and let go of the soft-grip top. Comes with mountable base for convenient storage.

  • Opens up to a month's worth of cans on one full charge
  • Dishwasher-safe removable blade for easy cleanup
  • Lid release allows for easy, safe disposal
  • Cordless, hands-free electric can opener
  • Wall-mounting hardware included
  • Opens big and tall cans

One-Touch Can Opener

Opening cans has never been easier. A best can opener, often seen on TV, the One-Touch Can Opener is great for arthritic hands. Place the can opener on top of the can, press button once and watch as it removes the lid simply and safely with no sharp edges. Just place onto can lid, press the on button, and the One Touch opens the can on its own.

  • Battery operated can opener for convenient operation
  • Cuts from the side to eliminate sharp edges
  • Takes seconds and works on all cans
  • Conveniently stores away in drawer
  • Works with 2 AA batteries

Patients with arthritis can still be responsible for their own personal lives and care. Arthritis friendly tools for the kitchen are easier than ever to find online or even in local stores. There are options for every budget and decoration style. Though there are many more can openers out there, these are some of the best can openers on the market for arthritis patients. Use of these and other types of arthritis living aids help to simplify every day tasks, allowing patients to live normal and comfortable lives.

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