Best Kitchen Knives for Arthritics Have Fist-Grip Handles for Ease of Use


Peeling and paring with the best kitchen knives challenge healthy people but it can seem an impossible task for the folks whose joints are swollen and painfully arthritic.

Many products are on the market, such as handles for carving knives and paring knives that are similar to hack saw handles, whereby you hold the utensil with a simple fist. With less discomfort in your wrist, arm and hand, you are able to cut without a lot of discomfort or tiring before your task is finished.

One approach to screen knives are to look at the ones to which the Arthritis Foundation has awarded Ease of Use Commendations. The Foundation endorses certain products as useful to people with arthritis and the knives that they approve have handles that you can grip in many ways so you can use it comfortably. Be aware that you can find many useful products and some of the best kitchen knives that do not have the endorsement but certainly can help you in your day-to-day challenges.

Cutting Products

You might be able to convert your own knives to the best kitchen knives with some adaptive aids or you can purchase specific equipment. Some of the available products on the market include:

  • Rocking T Knife - This knife provides people with weak grasps from arthritis and other conditions a solution for cutting their food. The stainless steel blade has a safety edge and is dishwater safe. As it is common with adapted products, the design of the wooden handle comfortably fits your hand for easy handling.
  • OXO Good Grips Weighted Utensils - The rocker design of this knife cuts your food even if you have limited arm, hand or wrist strength. It has an extended safety cap to protect your fingers from cuts. The weighted handles help to steady shaky hands while cutting and the wide rubber-like handle allows a good grip.

  • DuoGlide Bread/Slicer Knife - This knife has a scalloped cut blade that not only slices bread and sandwiches, but also is useful for slicing vegetables and fruits. The soft, secure grip of the handle allows chopping, cutting and slicing with reduced discomfort and fatigue.
  • Easi-Grip Bread Knife - The handle of the easi-grip is 90 degrees to the blade, so the grip of the hand is similar to that on a hack saw. The handle is a soft plastic and the hand and wrist stays in a neutral position when you cut with the knife.

  • Maddox Professional Helper Knife - This is one of the best kitchen knives as you can use either hand as it cuts mainly with downward movement and minimal rocking. The long handle protects your hands and fingers from the sharp blade. It comes with a sheath so that you can take it to restaurants or anywhere you may need a knife.
  • Gloves - Most gloves offer protection from calluses and blisters but gloves for arthritis sufferers support the hands to increase and maintain grip strength and reduce fatigue. They aid the hands to close naturally and products such as Wells Lamont Whizard Knifehandler Cut Resistant Gloves, also offer protection to your hands in the event of the blade slipping while cutting.

  • The Gripper - You slide the Gripper onto the knife for increase control of the knife, cushioning your fingers and allowing more comfort using the knife.

The best kitchen knives for people with arthritis are those that meet the specific need of the person. Some people find rocking styles most beneficial while others do well with weighted knives or knives with a larger grip area. With increased awareness of the challenges that arthritis brings, you do have a variety of products from which to choose.

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