Commode Chair - Portable Toilet for Bathroom, Bedroom or Shower


The commode chair is a necessary aid for people who have physical impairment that makes it difficult to use the bathroom. Many people who are recovering from major surgery also need to use these products. These so-called toilet chairs are suitable for use in the shower, bathroom or bedroom. The wide variety of these aids includes:

  • Portable: As the name indicates, you can take these types with you when you travel. It is possible to pull them down for storage in small spaces.

  • Shower: Thanks to the water resistant material, these types help people who have difficulty standing to take a shower with no problems.

  • Drop arms: These have folding arms, so they are easy to store.

  • Bariatric: Many people with disabilities are overweight since they are unable to exercise. These types are ideal for them as they can hold people who weigh more than 300 pounds.

  • Folding: The variety of uses such as being bedside commodes and shower chairs make these popular choices for people with arthritis and other disabilities.

  • Transfer: These have wheels, making it easy for users to move from one room to another, for example, from the bedroom to the bathroom.

The Many Uses of the Commode Chair

This mobility aid has a wide variety of uses all of which help to make life easier for people with disabilities that affect movement and stability. Some of the uses depend on the type of chair. Many types serve more purposes than just helping people who have difficulty using the bathroom. For some users, one that has more than one function is the best option.

These uses include:

  • Serving as a rail when using the bathroom
  • A support for using the shower or as a shower chair
  • Over toilet support
  • Chairs for getting dressed

When Buying a Commode Chair

Some of the top considerations when buying a commode chair are:

  • Strength and durability: These handy products need to be strong to handle the work they have to do. Since you may need to move them around, they should be able to withstand constant movement and occasional banging against walls. The most durable and sturdy material options are aluminium, steel and certain types of plastic.

  • Comfort: They need to be comfortable to sit on, as well as easy to move around. Look for the types that come with armrests and padded seats and covers. Check the height adjustments to make sure that it is suitable for you.

  • Ease of use: Since these products are for people who have disabilities their use should be as straightforward and as simple as possible. The idea is to utilize them independently. The types that have wheels are easy to move to the toilet or shower if necessary.

  • Easy to clean: Try to find those made of material that is easy to clean. This is especially important for the bucket section. Many of the modern types come with a flushing system making it easy to get rid of the waste.

  • The weight: These items have to be lightweight since people with varying degrees of disability will use them. This is particularly important for the portable types.

  • Safety: Make sure that the parts are sturdy. If it has wheels, make sure that it has a locking system that keeps it from moving when you need it to remain in one place.

  • Cost: As with most things of this nature, cost is an important factor when buying. The better quality items usually cost more, although you can get less expensive products that work just as well if you take the time to look around.

The commode chair is by far one of the most important pieces of equipment that anyone with a disability can own. Maintaining their independence is a significant contributor to their quality of life. The design of many modern types is such that they can easily fit in with the décor of a bedroom and bathroom.

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