Couch Cane - Standing and Sitting Assistive Stander Device


A couch cane is the perfect aid for people who have any kind of disability that affects mobility. These standing aids make it easier and safer for seniors and people with mobility problems to stand up from a sitting position.

Even though manufacturers classify them as mobility aids, the main purpose of these devices, is not to help you move around. Their purpose is to help you get up or sit down. One popular brand in this range is the Standers couch cane.

When buying a one of these aids some features you need to pay attention to are:

  • Sturdiness: These have to be strong and sturdy since they will be holding most of your weight as you stand or sit. Since people of varying sizes need to use them, you need to ensure that the material is strong and that there are no parts that can break easily when you put pressure on it. Many types can hold weight of up to 300 pounds

  • A firm base: This is necessary to provide the basic support to hold your weight. Also, ensure that it has a reversible base so that you can place it on either side of a sofa or chair.

  • Non-skid base: These anti-skid pads help to prevent this aid from sliding out from under the user. They also prevent skid marks on floor. You can also opt for a model that you bolt to the floor beside your favorite chair.

  • A large grip so that you can hold it firmly. This is especially important for the elderly or people who may have arthritis or other conditions that make it difficult to grasp objects

Unlike regular walking canes, the couch cane is a sturdier, more bulky device since you need to place so much weigh on it. It has a wide base that you can fit under the legs of the couch or chair to provide the stability you need to stand. All models come with adjustable bases that allow you fit them under different types of furniture.

Cane Heights

Many can extend over 30 inches, as the makers take into consideration the different styles of furniture that people use. Some types also work well with chair lifts making it easy to move around in a house with stairs.

Since users have different heights, the height is also adjustable for the sake of comfort and ease of use. As such, you can change the height until you find the level that is suitable for you. Anyone, whether they are left-handed or right-handed, can use them with no difficulty.

A Variety of Models

Some models come with a convenient organizer that you place over the handle of your cane. You can place items that you need inside so you do not need to get up often. It is ideal for keeping things such as your glasses, the TV remote control and a pen. In addition, there are accessories that you can buy for your couch cane.

One is the swivel tray, which provides a handy surface for having a meal or holding a drink. Best of all, it can hold a laptop or serve as desk if you want to write.

The couch cane is a great asset to anyone who has had hip replacement surgery. It is useful for people who have knee problems or any condition that causes limited mobility. They are also useful anyone who finds it difficult to stand up from a sitting position.

While they cannot replace other mobility aids that help you get around, they are a worthwhile addition to the basic tools that help to make your life easier. If your independence means a lot to you, you will need to have at least one of these in your possession.

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