Arthritis Dream Kitchens with Aids, Tools, Utensils and Assistive Devices


Dream kitchens are magical to anyone who loves cooking. This is especially important for someone with disabilities such as arthritis as the condition can make it difficult to prepare even a simple meal. To make a kitchen usable for the person suffering from arthritis means having the right types of tools and gadgets.

Creating these is much more than making the space attractive, as it involves making it practical and usable. Many manufacturers are taking heed and are creating tools that make life for those with disabilities so much easier. Resulting from this trend, there are now rolling knives, special jars and can opening aids and reach extenders to name just a few.

Kitchen Gadgets and Tools for the Person with Arthritis


To make it possible for people with arthritis to function properly when preparing meals, the right tools must be available for them to use. Some pointers to bear in mind when selecting gadgets, tools and utensils for any type of dream kitchens are:

  • Buy those with large handles, especially if the handles are of rubber or similar material

  • Appliances and tools that can operate with just the touch of a button are the best options

  • Multipurpose devices such as a five-way can opener that works to open cans, jars, tins and bottles are good investments

Some must have gadgets and tools in all dream kitchens for people living with arthritis and other disabilities that minimize mobility are:

  • One touch can opener: These days some companies such as Black and Decker offer electric can openers that can easily open the most tightly sealed can or bottle. Since not everyone may want to use an electric opener, there are also many other types of good can openers on the market. Some are simple devices that fit over a cover giving you a better grip. Many are free standing so there is no need to hold them while operating the device, which makes them easy to use as well as safe. Stores that cater to people with disabilities are good sources of these types of gadgets.
  • Utensil hand clip: These devices make it possible to continue using standard utensils as you just need to affix the clips onto them to make them easy for arthritic hands to manage.

  • Kitchen knives: Special knives with easy grip handles make it possible to cut and carve food items with minimal pain, if any. Electric knives are must have items for anyone with this condition if it affects the hands. They help to reduce strain and pressure on the hands making it easy to cut and dice foodstuff.
  • Potato Peelers: There are many different types of these gadgets that are just perfect for someone with arthritic hands.

  • An electric wine opener: Wine is an integral part of a good meal for many people, so why let arthritis stop you from having a glass? These gadgets make uncorking a bottle of wine as simple as pushing a button.

Other kitchen aids for those with disabilities who still want to be active in the kitchen include:

  • Measuring cups
  • Tap turners
  • Kettle tippers
  • Special food preparation boards that hold containers in place so that you can stir without slippage

Of course, some standard fixtures should also be part the designs, such as faucets and cupboard doors. Even the basic layout of the area is an important consideration. Fancy faucets that are difficult to turn on and off are a definite no. Instead, those that you can operate by pushing a lever up or down or those that automatically turn on and off are ideal.

Thankfully, the creation of dream kitchens does not have to be expensive. With so many adaptive devices and gadgets now on the market, finding attractive and affordable items is quite easy. Not only can you find these items in online stores, you can also find them in specialty stores. Many mainstream establishments now stock these products to cater to this select group.

More Dream Gadgets and Tools

Good Grips Jar Opener - makes it easier to open jars if you have arthritis in the hands.

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