Elastic Shoe Laces - No-Tie Laces Turn Lace-Up Shoes into Slip-Ons


Elastic shoe laces make it possible to quickly slip your shoes on and off. To some this might seem like a needless product, but they can greatly improve the quality of life if you have arthritis. If you’re like most people with disabilities, you want to maintain your independence, and that means being able to dress yourself without assistance.

This product is one of an assorted group of assistive aids that help people with mobility issues and other disabilities. Other useful adaptive aids that help in this regard are:

  • Hair dryer holders
  • Zipper pulls
  • Adaptive clothing
  • Special hair brushes
  • Button pulls
  • Trouser clips

Each of these items assists people with disabling conditions such as arthritis to carry out basic functions such as grooming. The design of stretchable elastic shoe laces helps arthritis sufferers put on their shoes without putting too much strain on weakened joints. Better quality and choices are readily available as the number of manufacturers and suppliers increase to meet the growing demand for the items.

Exploring Options

You will have no trouble finding suitable ones that will work for you. Aside from the availability of every possible color, the diverse assortment of materials and styles means you have a wide selection to from which to choose. It is important to make the distinction between elastic shoe laces and the no-tie types, which can also be helpful to people with arthritis.

The no-tie kinds feature a clasp or clip made from metal or plastic. Tightening them only requires pressing down on the button, and pulling the lace through. As handy as these types are, they sometimes pose some difficulty for people with severe arthritis in the hands. Pressing the clasp sometimes take more pressure than someone with arthritis can muster.

On the other hand, the types that have elasticity make it simple to pull shoes on or off with no extra work for the hands. Another advantage is that the material prevents slippage, so the shoe will not become too loose over time.

Of course, the fact that they do not require tying and untying is the biggest advantage. This also makes these items great for children’s shoes. There are also varieties that require individual laces per pair of holes, but once they are in, you never need to take them out again. Some brands can also be set-up in different ways to suit the taste of the user.

Some brands of elastic shoe laces have a distinctive curly design which helps to make them easier to grip and prevent them from slipping. Color options range from plain to eclectic blends of bright hues like yellow and red. Various options exist for tieless shoelaces that are ideal for both dress shoes and athletic wear such as running shoes or tennis shoes. A few important considerations when buying these items are: 

  • The number of eyelets on the shoes
  • The length of the lace
  • The style and look of your shoes

Finding the Right Types

It is possible to find these at almost any location that sells shoes and accessories. These items are not just for people who have arthritis, but for anyone who wants practical ways to speed up their daily routines. 

Some people buy them online, which is convenient, but you still need to pay attention to the details. Specifics like lace length and material are important to the selection process when buying elastic shoe laces.

It is also important to pay attention to whether you are buying for athletic shoes or dress shoes. Being affordable, buying many different colors and style is not a problem. Since you can simply slip your shoes and off, the laces will last for much longer than standard types.

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