Elbow Arthritis - Symptoms, Treatments and Assistive Aids


Living with elbow arthritis can be a challenge, especially during flare-ups, as you need this part of your body to perform many daily tasks, for strength and also support. It is important to work with your medical professional to slow down the progression of this disease and reduce the occurrence of painful episodes, though you can take a few extra steps to help alleviate discomfort and make life a bit easier.

Advancements in science allowed for the creation and application of beneficial products, such as Biofreeze or heat pads, as well as better use of existing items, like garlic and herbs.

Arthritis Pain

Pain is the most common and troublesome symptom in people with arthritis, which is probably the reason you are here doing research. It is no secret that heat or cold can help minimize pain but some methods of applying temperature-altering devices are just easier to use.

For instance, instead of putting ice in a plastic bag and holding it on your elbow, just use Biofreeze, a roll-on, pain-relieving product that leaves no mess or odor. You can use this product if you have elbow arthritis up to four times a day but should not put it on open wounds, damaged skin or combine it with other products.

Heating pads are another great way to alleviate arthritis pain but they can also be difficult to apply to a small area, like your elbow. Fortunately, you have the option of buying a miniature heating pad that simply wraps around this small part of the body and brings direct relief to this aching joint.

Simply warm up the Good2Go moist, heating pack in the microwave and then put the fleece lined side around your elbow to experience instant relief from your arthritis pain.

Herbal Remedies

If you do not like taking prescription medications, experience unpleasant side effects, are developing a tolerance for the drugs you take or just want something more natural, try incorporating some herbs into your daily regimen. You can eat more raw garlic, though that may affect your social life, or you can opt for Jamieson’s odorless garlic capsules.

Garlic, as well as Ginseng, both work to improve your immune system, provided you take one or both of these supplements on a regular basis since natural products are less potent than those chemically manufactured and do not provide immediate relief of your elbow arthritis symptoms.

You also need to talk to your healthcare provider prior to taking anything not already prescribed to you, as some natural remedies interact with medications and can lead to unwanted side effects.

You do not have to suffer with a medical condition like elbow arthritis because medical advancements combined with scientific knowledge allows you to utilize a wide range of therapeutic regimens. Do not limit yourself to just taking pain medications and anti-inflammatories, as you can use hot or cold therapy, assisted living devices, exercise, meditation, herbal supplements, massage or just rest and stay hydrated.

Just remember to talk to your doctor prior to starting any treatment because, depending on your health conditions and medicines you take, you could put yourself at risk for developing other problems.

Assistive Aids Make Life with Elbow Arthritis Easier

Adaptive Clothing - Easy to button cardigans are one option but for chillier days, you might prefer snap back wraps made of fleece or velour.

Toilet Aid - Most come with extendable handles, which make it possible for someone who has difficulties bending their elbows to perform intimate tasks.

Thermoskin Arthritis Elbow Wrap - Helps alleviate stiffness, pain and inflammation, as well as provide support and comfort.

Book Holder - An arthritis friendly book holder will help keep reading a pleasurable activity, and with all the options out there, there's one that's right for any arthritis sufferer.

General Grabber - this piece of equipment can improve your quality of life, as well as your mood, making it a positive investment.

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