Electric Mobility Scooters - Three and Four-Wheeled Battery Powered Scooters


Electric mobility scooters are the more modern version of a wheelchair. This particular type of mobility aid comes in various designs, with some featuring 3-wheels, 4-wheels and even 5-wheels. The more wheels, the better depending on your needs, as stability and balance improve with more wheels.

For example, most 4-wheeled devices provide a smoother ride than a 3-wheeled one when going at a high speed. These aids also give users a wider range of mobility than a wheelchair does.

These aids also offer the riders numerous features such as soft seats, with some being able to swivel so that getting on and off is easy. Shock absorbers, lighting and top-class braking systems provide safety and comfort. The fact that they use a battery for power means longer use with some models.

Of course, electric mobility scooters are not suitable for everyone, as some people with arthritis or other conditions that affect the hands or upper body may not be able to manage these aids. Being able to ride them requires some degree of arm, hand and upper body strength to manage the steering component. In addition, for safety reasons being able to sit in an upright posture is also necessary.

5 Benefits of Electric Mobility Scooters

Apart from the freedom to move around, other benefits can be summed up with five good reasons why using this aid makes sense include:

1. Being able to handle personal tasks without having to depend on anyone. Since many models can easily traverse buildings with disabled ramps, people with mobility issues can go shopping for themselves

2. People who love the outdoors can still go for 'walk' in fairly rough terrain depending on the brand they own

3. They are generally quiet, so there is little or no disturbance

4. They are low maintenance as well as fairly cheap to maintain

5. Most, if not all are easy to learn to ride

Limitations of Electric Mobility Scooters

While these mobility aids have so much going for them, it is important to be aware of the disadvantages as well. The limitations of some models include:

  • They lack support features such as head rests
  • Unlike some wheelchairs or other aids, it is difficult to move from these to a bed
  • Ground clearance over rough areas can be a problem as most models are low
  • Turning radius can sometimes pose a challenge since the larger the scooter, the greater the turning radius. This is important because if you use it inside your home you need to be able to turn in small spaces such as the kitchen.

All of the limitations above do not affect all models and brands, so be careful when choosing from the wide array available on the market. To top it off, some heavy duty models can easily hold someone weighing over 300 pounds. These models also have larger seats to accommodate the extra bulk. One such model is the Rascal 850.

How to Buy Mobility Aids

When it comes to buying mobility aids such as electric mobility scooters, there are a number of factors to consider. The main ones are:

  • The degree of the user’s physical disability
  • The terrain it will be used in
  • The importance of turning radius 
  • Ask for anti-tip wheels for those made especially for outside use

Modular units are good for people who do a lot of travelling since you can pull them apart for storing in cars and easily put them back together when you need them. Buyers also have the option of choosing a model that allows 4-wheel conversion for outdoor use, then changing it back to a 3-wheel version for use indoors.

Some active persons may need to buy two types, a 3-wheeler for indoors and a more robust 4-wheeler for outdoor activities. When looking at brands some types such as the Electroride Hornet have a lot of features such as adjustable seat and back rests for added comfort. The fact that it is possible to travel long distances on just one charge of the battery is also a plus for this brand.

Electric mobility scooters give people who need assistance getting around independence and help them maintain their feeling of self-worth. Some insurance companies may help to cover the cost so check with your insurer before buying. For true mobility support, few devices offer as much freedom as scooters.

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