Electric Wine Opener - Ideal Gift for Ease of Opening Without Pain


Whether a connoisseur or just an occasional drinker, an electric wine opener can make performing this task much easier if you are living with arthritis. This device allows you to open a bottle of wine with almost no effort, so you do not feel pain, put pressure on your diseased joints or incur an injury.

The variety of electric openers available allows you to choose one that best suits your grip, hand size, finances and overall personal preference.


If you have arthritis, your doctor probably talked to you about the importance of exercise to reduce symptoms and strengthen your joints. However, performing some household tasks, like opening a wine bottle, is not a form of exercise and can actually cause further injury, or a flare-up, to your diseased joint.

In order to open a bottle of wine with an old-fashioned corkscrew, you need to apply pressure and twist your wrist just to insert this mechanism into the cork; then you need to use more force to extract the cork. Any of these activities, simple as they are, can lead to pain, inflammation or damage to your arthritic joint.

Fortunately, you do not have to put yourself at risk or give up drinking your favorite wine with dinner, friends or on holidays, provided you purchase an electric wine opener. This device does all the work for you with just one push of a small button and, for your added comfort, you can opt for a bottle opener that has a soft, easy to grip handle.

In most cases, these bottle openers also come with a foil cutter so you can easily remove the seal around the cork. After opening your bottle of wine, simply replace the opener on its charging station and let it recoup before opening the next bottle.


Depending on your personal taste, the fact that every electric wine opener on the market is cordless may be the one drawback to this device. Granted you do not have another long cord getting in the way and having to push the plug into an outlet may be difficult with your arthritis but dealing with batteries is no picnic. You either have to spend the money to buy new batteries every so often or, if they are rechargeable, worry about them actually holding a charge.

You also need to find a home for this device, as the rechargeable ones come with corded docking, or charging, stations that, although small, still take up an outlet and space that you would rather fill with another bottle of wine. On the plus side, most, if not all, of these chargers have a light that comes on while the wine opener is powering up and when it turns off, you know the opener is ready for use.


The electric wine opener, most of which are made of stainless steel, come in a variety of colors so you can choose your favorite or pick the one that best matches your bar décor. These drinking aids are also available in a range of prices, which start at just under $20 for a name brand, easy-to-use gadget. For more money, you can get an opener with a digital thermometer, a set of two devices or you could just be paying for a name.

An electric wine opener can make living with arthritis easier, but do your homework before you spend your money. Since these devices all run on batteries, they do not seem to last more than a year, at least according to reviews written by your fellow consumer.

Considering the poor product quality and lack of workmanship in products today, this is not surprising but, if you really need or want something to assist you in opening a bottle of wine, do research, as you can usually find one or two good items left on the market.

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