Foldable Mobility Scooter - Lightweight, Battery-Operated Personal Transport


A foldable mobility scooter makes traveling much easier, as these assistive devices can become as small as a stroller and fit in the trunk of your car. Although lightweight, you should not lift or fold the scooter if you are the one with the arthritis, as it can induce a flare-up or result in an injury.

This means you cannot travel alone if you absolutely need your scooter and, because these products are light, many of them cannot accommodate overweight passengers. Still, if you look hard enough, you can find something for everyone, so keep reading to find the scooter that best meets your needs.

Lightweight EV Rider Scooter

If you just need an affordable, simple scooter to get you where you need to go but also one that you can easily store on a plane, in a trunk or in your home, try the EV Rider Transport folding scooter. It weighs 53-70 pounds, depending on the battery you choose, is less than $1250 and some suppliers ship it free, which saves you a good amount of money.

Another benefit of this model is its ability to carry 250 pounds so you can easily add a basket and do some serious shopping or just ride around knowing your big muscles or voluptuous figure are not going to affect your scooter’s performance.

Should you opt for this particular foldable mobility scooter, you have the luxury of riding around for 15 miles before the battery needs a charge and you can go travel this distance at four miles an hour, giving you plenty of time to take in the scenery. As for the battery, you can opt for the lithium batteries or SLA batteries, either of which easily power the 270 watt, four-pole motor.

Step Up to the Solax Mobie

The EV Rider is a good scooter but the Solax Mobie has a little extra zing and it is three pounds lighter, though it costs 63 percent more with a price tag of just under two grand. However, this foldable mobility scooter gives you the ability to adjust the height and angle, as you would in a car, so you can drive comfortably. It also has a battery-back-up storage system so you can store your spare battery, which does come at an additional cost, but gives you an extra 13.5 miles on the road.

In addition to everything already mentioned, this scooter offers comfort and convenience, as it comes with armrests and, when folded, the tiller handle allows you to pull the scooter the same way you would a suitcase on wheels, so you do not have to lift a finger. You also do not have to take the scooter out of your car, as you can simply take the Lithium batteries out and bring them inside to charge them. The finishing touch, and a favorite of many, is the warning beep that alerts people around you that the scooter is in reverse.

A foldable mobility scooter is, in most instances, a better choice than a non-folding transport device because it does not require a lift, you can take it on a plane and you do not need to worry about storage. If you want a scooter but have concerns about cost, call your insurance to see if they cover this product or check to see if any rebates are available, along with sales, discounts or try calling the manufacturer directly.

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