Foldable Wheelchair - Compact, Lightweight, Totable and Manual


A foldable wheelchair is an excellent tool for those who are looking to increase their independence and quality of life, whether  due to age or any number of conditions that limit mobility, .

Unlike regular wheelchairs, the folding variety becomes compact at will and easily fits into the smallest of spaces making it extremely portable – which allows its users to get out and explore the world around them without being confined to the restrictive areas that a normal wheelchair is equipped to handle.

Why a Folding Chair?

If you or a loved one need the confines to a chair – or use a chair due to your limited physical mobility, you will quickly come to see the advantages of the folding variety of wheelchair when you begin to use one.

A folding wheelchair is typically lighter in weight and has functions and capabilities that a standard wheelchair simply does not. Not only can these mobility devices fold down and become vehicle-friendly but they are also typically cheaper than a regular model – making them a better deal and more affordable.

What are My Options?

While hundreds of retail and online stores have at least one foldable wheelchair and accessory options – many of them will, quite frankly, just not have what you need. If you are looking for a reputable source for medical equipment and an even more reliable folding chair the AgeComfort and the HealthProductsforYou websites are where you need to shop.

Below you will find a brief list of some of their chair models and their price ranges to help you get started on your search.

Drive Trotter Mobility Manual Wheelchair

An excellent option from the HealthProductsforYou website, this physician recommended chair features a simple lightweight frame and closure strap that holds the device closed with ease when folded. This chair also has strap covers for comfort and swinging footrests that allow you to enter and exit the chair with ease.

This chair typically sells for more than $1600 but is available through this site for $802.00 – and has additive options you can purchase to customize the chair to your preferences.

Drive Medical Folding Transport Chair

If you are looking for a reliable foldable wheelchair but are shopping with a smaller budget, the Drive Medical folding chair is an excellent option. Selling on the AgeComfort website for roughly $350.00, this chair weighs only 19 pounds and consists of lightweight aluminum, with padded armrests, foldable footrests and rear wheel locks.

Wallaby Pediatric Folding Wheelchair

While foldable wheelchairs can service a number of different types of people – children and young adults also get crippling arthritis – which is why the Drive Wallaby Pediatric Chair from Drive Medical is such a great fit for them. An easy to maneuver, colorful steel-framed wheelchair, the Drive Wallaby can be purchased through the HealthProductsforYou website for roughly $320.00.

Featuring sturdy push to lock brakes and padded arm-rests, this chair is the perfect size for your child – while still being super-compact and easy to transport.

No matter what type of foldable wheelchair you think you may want – rest assured that you will be able to find exactly what you need on these amazing websites. Regardless of your need for a chair or the financial budget that you may be working with – both retailers have a plethora of fully-functional folding chairs that are both helpful and extremely affordable.

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