General Grabber - Long-Handled Reacher Grabbing Tool

general grabber

An assistive device, the general grabber is a helpful household tool for arthritis sufferers and aids in the prevention of injury, inflammation and over extension of the muscles. Use of this mechanism reduces the risk of falls, allows you to maintain some degree of independence and eliminates clutter by allowing you to utilize hard to reach storage areas. It is easy to use, available in stores or through online retailers, and it is very affordable, giving you no reason not too purchase a grabber.


Believe it or not, you have quite a few options when it comes to a reacher, so you should have no problem finding one to meet your needs, regardless of the type of arthritis from which you suffer. If you have arthritis in your hand, wrist or fingers, a grabber with a locking mechanism is likely to be your best option, as this type of device allows you to release the trigger without releasing the item. A reduced holding time means less pressure on your joints, thus minimizing irritation and the onset of a flare-up.

This type of arthritis also benefits from the general grabber that has a magnet or sticky pad on the inside of the claws, since this acts much like the reacher with the locking mechanism. Although you still need to squeeze the trigger with this style grabber, also known as an ergonomic grasper, you do not need to apply as much pressure as you normally would with a standard reacher. An added feature of this particular kind of grabber is that some manufacturers offer rotating claws, which can assist you in grasping items of various shapes and sizes.

The best sort of grabber if you have arthritic joints in the hand, fingers or wrist are those that come with batteries because they require a minimal amount of pressure. To operate this device, simply extend it, put the item you want between the claws and push a button to close the grasper and secure the article. When you finish using this reacher, just remember to place it back on the charger so it can power up and be ready for use the next time you need it.

You may opt to use a general grabber if you have arthritis in your shoulder, neck or back, as stretching and extending your joints in an awkward or prolonged position can also aggravate symptoms of this disease. In this instance, the trigger mechanism becomes less important because you can use just one finger or your entire hand without causing pain to an arthritic joint. Instead, you should focus on a reacher that is long or that has an adjustable length, allowing you to grab items just 20 inches away or as far as 42 inches.

When you leave home, life can become more challenging and may increase your odds of hurting an arthritic joint or inducing a flare-up but you can avoid some of these issues by taking along a general grabber that folds. Simply take the reacher out, unfold it and use it to grasp whatever item you need, as it has the same strength and support as grabbers that do not fold. You can also look for a grabber that comes with attachments to make it easier for you to grab your wheelchair or walker.

The decision to purchase this piece of equipment can improve your quality of life, as well as your mood, making it a positive investment. It helps to make your life one of fewer hassles and allows you to do what you have to do, then move on to the next task. A general grabber can make everyday activities simpler, reduce your worries, save time and it helps you to sustain your independence.

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