Long-Handled Hair Brush or Comb Perfect for Arthritic Hands


Using a hair brush is a normal part of daily grooming, as you work to get the night’s tangles out in the morning, strive to look your best before going out and smooth thing’s out once more before bedtime. However, if you have arthritis, this simple task might now be painful, difficult, time consuming or frustrating because of stiff, achy joints.

Fortunately, some genius came up with the idea of creating brushes and combs designed specifically for people with joint disease, giving you no excuse not to look your best.


You have arthritis and your stiff, painful, inflamed joints are preventing you from living your life, from lifting a fork, opening a jar, climbing the stairs, combing your hair and a number of other things you used to do with ease. You take the medicines your doctor prescribed, do the exercises he or she recommended and are eating healthier but your arthritis is here to stay, so what can you do to get through each day, each moment.

Since scientists have yet to find a cure for arthritis and it is a progressive disease, this means you need to go further and take the extra step in alleviating and preventing the symptoms of your infected joints, starting with hair care.


Think about this-you are getting older, a natural part of life and you cannot control your body, or gravity, but you can control your appearance. The hair brush is not simply a daily tool used for the sole purpose of removing knots; instead, it is a powerful weapon that can make you look good and when you look good, you feel good.

If you had to live with the pain of arthritis and have a head full of knots, you would not even bother getting out of bed. Furthermore, some evidence does support the idea that people who feel good tend to be healthier and those with a positive attitude often cope better with illness, experience less symptoms or flare ups and have shorter healing times.

If this is not enough to entice you to get a hair brush specifically designed for people with arthritis, think about the health benefits. When you brush your hair, you have to put pressure on the handle not only to grip it but to remove the knots. You also need to raise your arm and repeatedly move your wrist in an awkward position to actually brush your hair.

The movements, pressure and duration combined are enough to cause a flare up, injury and enhance the progression of your arthritis, thereby resulting in more pain and inflammation.

Lookin’ Good

It is no secret that using a hair brush is not going to cure your arthritis or completely change your life but it can make you feel better, especially when you are trying to get ready for a hot night out on the town.

Investing in a long handled brush or comb with a gel grip is just one of the many ways you can live a more pain free life with arthritis and, given the effect your appearance has on your state of mind, it is one of the better purchases you can make. You can choose the type of bristles you want, the length of the comb or brush and if you shop around a bit, you can avoid overpaying.

Most people, if not all, take the little things in life for granted and do not appreciate the independence and freedom in daily tasks, like walking, cooking, bathing or grooming until these activities become difficult or impossible. You do not have to give up your independence, as many arthritic devices can help you perform every day functions.

Getting older and having a medical condition does not mean you need to stop living and feeling good so, do yourself a favor and buy a long-handled hair brush so you can take the first step in getting back your life.

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