Hair Dryer Holder - Table or Wall-Mounted for Ease of Hair Care

hair dryer holder

The hair dryer holder is a helpful, hands-free tool that can alleviate arthritis pain and it provides you with the opportunity to style your mane with ease. Your everyday grooming routine is sure to be less of a hassle and more relaxing, thus giving you more time for the important tasks on your agenda.

All these positive attributes are also likely to help you start your day off in a good mood, giving your health a boost and minimizing arthritis symptoms, which may be the reason other consumers are rating this device with four and five stars.

Take a Stand

You have arthritis, as do many other people when they begin to age, but the difference between you and them is that you are looking to take a stand.

The fact that you are reading this article right now means that you do not feel sorry for yourself and that you are looking for ways to feel empowered, which is exactly what a hair dryer holder, and many other arthritis-relieving devices, can do for you. As you get older, so many things change so it is important to maintain some sort of normalcy, like in your daily activities, because this helps you to cope better and keep a good attitude.

The Hair Dryer Holder

This simple but powerful device, created with you in mind, should easily meet your hair drying needs. You can opt for a holder that is 17 inches tall or for one that adjusts to 36 inches tall, the latter of which allows you to put the stand on the floor and dry your hair while seated. This is ideal if you do not have a bathroom counter, or if you do and prefer to stand or are tall, it is also beneficial.

The hair dryer holder does not come with a hair dryer but if the handle on your current mane heating device is less than two and a quarter inches around, you can fit it snuggly into the padded holder. You can also adjust the neck of the holder, as it is flexible, so that the dryer points in whichever direction you want. This is a great feature if you have arthritis in other parts of your body, like the neck or back, because you can adjust the holder so the dryer warms each part of your hair as opposed to you having to move your body.

As for the base, you have two options, since one company makes a stand that is completely solid and round at the bottom, while a competitor makes a "u" shaped base. Although no customer review addresses this, the one potential downfall of the "u" shape is that it could possibly be less stable and more likely to fall over if you position the holder in a certain way. The up side to this design is that it takes up less counter space, so you can keep your bobby pins, hairspray, gel or whatever other styling products you use within arm's reach.

Make a Purchase

Currently, the price for these stands ranges from just under $18 to almost $25, which is quite affordable. As with any purchase, make sure to shop around for the best price and, if you choose to buy online, use a reliable seller, like Amazon, which also offers free shipping on many items.

If you have arthritis, you may need to buy a number of items to make life easier and more comfortable, which a hair dryer holder can do for you. However, buying all of the items you may need can become costly so think of those devices that would really benefit you before making a purchase. Otherwise, you may consider putting some assistive living aids on your holiday or birthday present list, though you may also try a local flea market or an online site that allows you to purchase used items from someone in your area.

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