Handicap Bathroom - Non-Slip Bathmats, Raised Toilet Seats and Grab Bars


Home modification such as putting in a handicap bathroom is one option when arthritis affects you or your loved one, but not everyone has the means or motivation to undertake home reconstruction. Fortunately you can purchase all kinds of adaptive equipment that will help you manage your hygienic needs using your existing structures.

Simple Arthritis Living Aids

A non slip bath mat or a non slip shower mat is a simple way to increase safety in the bathroom not only for the arthritis sufferer but other members of the household as well. Tub and Stair Safety Treads are mildew resistant aids that provide traction in bathtubs or on any clean dry surface.

Bathroom grab bars properly installed are bolted to the wall studs and provide a solid support for you to steady yourself. You can use bathtub grab bars to pull yourself out of the tub and the handicap grab bars next to the toilet to steady yourself as you sit or stand.


Standing and sitting are often painful and difficult for the arthritic person, which creates problems at the very personal toileting times. One solution for the handicap bathroom is the raised toilet seat that attaches to existing toilet or you can purchase a handicapped toilet that is taller than the standard toilet. The attachments are often less expensive and you can choose seats that attach to the toilet, that are free standing, that have arms or are without arms.

The Bath Safe Raised Toilet Seat with Arms has extra long screws, all the hardware to attach to the toilet bowl and a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The molded arms allow you to benefit from the extra height of the seat by using your arms to get off the toilet.

Another option is the Commode and Toilet Riser that is a rectangular support on which you put your toilet or commode. The riser supports 500 lbs. but the length of the commode or toilet cannot exceed 14 inches at its base.

The Raised Toilet Frame and Padded Seat has a frame that fits over the toilet and you can assemble it without any tools. It is easy to set up and take down so if you travel you can easily set it up in your hotel restroom to make a handicap bathroom.

Hygienic products such as the Bottom Buddy hold the toilet paper or a moistened wipe when you have difficulty reaching. With a press of a button on the curved handle, the used paper or wipes fall into the toilet bowl. The Swash 1000 Elongated Toilet Seat is a bidet that provides warm water and warm air dryer to cleanse after elimination.


You have a variety of products from which to allow you to bathe or shower in your handicap bathroom. The Shower Chair with Arms, Back and Replaceable Cut Out Seat has adjustable legs and suction cups on the legs prevent slipping. The Sliding Transfer bench with Padded Seat and Back locks while you transfer onto the seat from outside the tub, then you unlock the seat and slide over the edge of the tub.

The Serena Seat, however mounts on the wall of the shower, folds up when you are not using it and has a removable back rest for easy cleaning of the wall behind it.

The Bellavita Bath Tub Chair Lift actually lowers you into the bathtub. This bath lift chair can raise and lower up to 300 pounds, with a waterproof remote control and allows you to enjoy a tub bath knowing you will be able to get in and out of the tub safely.

Many bathroom products, once they are opened, are non-returnable for hygienic reasons, so it important that you purchase items for the handicap bathroom, that meet your particular needs. You should carefully read the product description and any installation requirements so that you make the best use of your resources.

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