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heated mattress pad

On cold winter days, curling up on a heated mattress pad can definitely make you feel good. However, if you are suffering from arthritis pain, this warming device can make you feel great.

An all-natural alternative to pain relief, heat helps to alleviate multiple problems and improve overall health, in moderation of course. Heat has a long history of use to treat many symptoms and scientific research proves that this remedy works, though you should always talk to your health care provider before starting any treatment, natural or not.

Benefits Of A Heated Mattress Pad

Using heat to alleviate arthritis symptoms while you sleep is best since your body temperature, as well as that of the environment, drops so your risk of becoming too warm is low. While you rest, your body tends to relax and is spread out, allowing the heat to work better on your muscles. The fact that you are resting also promotes healing of inflammation, stiffness and joint pain but when you add the application of heat, it increases the natural healing response, creating a more effective and quicker result.

Heat and the Body

You probably already knew heat was good for aches and pains, as the remedy is common and old but you may not know the reasons that heat is good for your body. By using a heated mattress pad, you are promoting a healthier, more normal blood flow not only throughout your body, but specifically in the area to which you are applying the heat, most likely the location of your arthritis.

As blood flow increases to a damaged portion of the body it enables healing and strength, by elevating the amount of nutrition and oxygen that this area receives. This positive change allows for muscle strength, relaxation of the inflammed joint, reduction in pain and improves your range of motion in this part of the body.

As an added bonus, using a heating pad on cool or damp nights also prevents joint stiffness and achiness from occuring so if you are not having a flare-up, you have the opportunity to avoid one from occuring.


A heated mattress pad is an electrical device that can, if used inappropriately, cause damage to your skin, blood and nerves. To avoid this problem, purchase an electric pad that offers automatic shut off, a timer or some other safety feature that prevents the risk of burns or overheating.

You should also choose a heated mattress pad that fits snuggly around your bed so it does not affect your sleeping companion or move while your deep in a slumber, as this could result in suffocation, especially if you are a heavy sleeper, take a sleeping aid or have a condition in which you have no sensation around your neck, mouth or nose.

A final precaution when using a heating device is to ensure that children do not use it, particularly without supervision, for long periods of time or if the child is under the age of ten.


Mattress pads that provide heat come in a variety of options so when shopping around, try to find the one that best meets your needs. For instance, if you tend to sit in bed and have a glass of water or have difficulty controlling your bladder, you might decide to purchase a waterproof heating pad for your bed. If you sleep with a partner and they do not like heat or do not have a health condition in which heat would benefit them, a mattress pad with dual adjusters could better suit your lifestyle.

The heated mattress pad offers many health benefits in general but is very beneficial if you have arthritis. However, it is important that you use this, or any heating device properly as to avoid injury to yourself or someone else. As with any health treatment, you should consult with your physician prior to use because heat may enhance symptoms of other ailments you may have or cause dehydration and heat stroke when used for too long.

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