Independent Living Aids - Increase Mobility with Scooters, Canes, Wheelchairs


Independent living aids improves the quality of life for people living with disabilities. While some people associate these items with elderly persons, this is not the case as they help people with varying degrees of disabilities.

This means that these devices are useful for people suffering from arthritis and other disabling conditions. A diverse range of products fall into this category of products ranging from mobility aids, furniture to bathroom aids and grooming devices.

Some items, such as scooters, improve mobility while other types increase the level of comfort. Ultimately, the focus of manufacturers is to help people to carry on with their normal lives with as little assistance as possible. The availability of different brands on the market makes it easy to find the products necessary.

Is it best to buy the most expensive brands, or are low cost items just as good? How much do factors like material and style matter? These questions and others will be relevant to anyone looking for products for people living with disability.

Naturally, comfort level of using is an essential factor for every user. A person with severe arthritis might need a scooter to get around, and could spend much of the day using it. Walking canes and walkers should have the right height and grip.

Categories of Independent Living Aids


Like so many other types of products, devices for improving mobility and quality of life are available online. For many people living with arthritis, the illness is so debilitating they are unable to work.

Devices like power wheelchairs and mobility scooters are now making it possible for many people to function in some work environments. These mobility aids help such individuals to continue to feel worthwhile and to make a contribution to society. The choice of apparatus will largely depend on the nature of the disability. The basic categories available today include:

Mobility Products


These devices include different types of scooters, wheelchairs and walking canes. The wide range of mobility scooters on the market today includes three-wheel scooters and electric mobility scooters. The wheelchair is standard fare of those with mobility issues. Wheelchairs have come into their own with motorized and power chairs being the norm these days. These later versions make it easy for people with arthritis in their hands to use them without difficulty.

The humble walking cane or walking stick is often forgotten when it comes to mobility aids, but these are the simplest and in many cases least expensive aids for getting around. Today these simple devices are stylish.

Special Beds

These help to reduce the chances of people with limited mobility developing bedsores. They also increase the level of comfort, and some come equipped with rails to make it easier to get in and out of bed.

Buying Independent Living Aids

Health insurance covers many of the products available in this range. This will significantly reduce the financial pressure on anyone living with advanced arthritis or any other kind of disability. Special programs sometimes assist people, especially the elderly, who need to purchase these products.

Keep on movin'!        


After an assessment, a doctor can offer guidance on what types of independent living aids are suitable for an individual. The next step is finding the right supplier of these products. It is easy to find a variety of items at online stores, and this may be the cheaper option in some cases.

One of the advantages of using this method is that websites often offer great detail on each item, along with instructions on their use. A few may provide instructional videos to help buyers in installation and maintenance where necessary.

As with any other purchase decision, do not buy independent living aids without having all the necessary information. Pay attention to height and weight requirements as these are important in keeping you safe.

Other Mobility Aids Information

Universal Cane Wrist Strap - a small tool that can make a big difference for some who uses a walking cane.

Foldable Mobility Scooter - makes traveling much easier, as these assistive devices can become as small as a stroller and fit in the trunk of your car.

Portable Electric Wheelchair - an ideal assistive device if you have arthritis, as it gives you back a sense of autonomy, dignity, freedom and mobility.

Wheelchair Lift for Cars - a must have accessory if you or a passenger you transport has difficulty walking or is unable to ambulate.

Mobility Scooter Rentals - Those suffering from limited mobility have surely considered renting a scooter on a weekly or monthly basis.

Foldable Wheelchair - an excellent tool for those who are looking to increase their independence and quality of life.

Stair Lifts for Disabled - open accessibility options and frequently allows physically challenged people to remain in their home and comfortable surroundings.

Home Wheelchair Lift - a great aid to people with disabilities who live or work in buildings that have more than one level.

Couch Cane - standing aids make it easier and safer for seniors and people with mobility problems to stand up from a sitting position.

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