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The magnetic mattress pad is an aspect of pain therapy with which many people might not be familiar. Interestingly, this type of pain management therapy is not new; in fact using magnets for pain relief has been around for hundreds of years.

The industry catering to pain management generates millions of dollars each year as people try to find new ways to deal with pain that do not involve drugs. New products such as rings and chair backrests continue to support existing therapies.

How Does it Work?

The principle of magnet therapy for pain rests on the fact that the body has its own innate electromagnetic pulses. If they are not functioning properly due to pain or illness, proponents believe that generating a field close to the body can be helpful. If the body’s electromagnetic field functions properly, this result in less pain in some parts of the body.

A magnetic mattress pad usually provides coverage for the entire body. The number of magnets and their sizes will vary depending on the manufacturer. As with any other type of product, there will be differences in quality, so it is necessary to find out as much as possible about it before buying one.

Typically, the simple design involves two sets of padding, usually foam, with a series of magnets between them. Some manufacturers stress that using magnets that are in the shape of a disc is better as these provide the best magnetic field without interruption.

Benefits of a Magnetic Mattress Pad

For people who wish to avoid invasive treatments or the risks of prescription drugs, this is a viable alternative. User testimonials do not suggest that having using these pads cause mattresses to feel any less comfortable. In fact, there is some belief that using them has a beneficial psychological effect. Some of the benefits of using these products are:

  • Less pain: Many people report that they experience less pain especially in the back and joints after a few nights using these aids. The benefits seem to increase with long term use.
  • Better sleep: An improvement in sleep patterns is a common advantage of using one of these pads. Many people find their sleep is not only more restful, but they tend to wake less in the nights.

  • Better blood flow: The improvement in blood circulation is another reason that people continue using these products.
  • More energy: Some users report waking up feeling more energetic not only in the morning, but also during the course of the day.

  • Recovery from injury: These products help to enhance the healing process after surgery or a sports injury.

It is important to note that each person will experience these benefits to varying degrees. The brand they choose, and how often they use the product will also influence how well it works for them.

Making Brand Comparisons

Buying a magnetic mattress pad is different from buying other products in that you cannot assess it in the usual manner. You will not be able to check to see if it works to relief pain, but you can feel the padding to check the quality. If you plan to buy one online, it is not difficult to find the top names in the business. An Internet search will provide many product reviews that will help in selecting the right type and brand. Some points to keep in mind in order to aid you in buying the best products include:

  • The padding must be of good quality to keep the magnets in place

  • There should be enough magnets to provide good coverage for the body

  • Choose only brands that offer the best quality magnets in terms of size and magnetic fields. Pads that supply the purest negative fields offer the best results.

Most instructions for these magnetic mattress pads suggest placing them underneath mattresses to reap the maximum benefits. Being able to relief the pain of arthritis, fibromyalgia and other diseases with alternative therapy such as this is important for many sufferers. Not having to constantly take drugs with side effects is impact to many people. This type of relief offers just that peace of mind.

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