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memory foam seat cushion

The memory foam seat cushion is one of those products that help to improve comfort. The main component of this product is polyurethane that contains chemicals which increase its thickness and elasticity. The wide ranging applications of polyurethane now include helmets and shoes.

A number of manufacturers now make mattresses and pillows using polyurethane, promising a more restful night sleep and pain relief. Using this material on materials and other surfaces where people with disabilities and mobility issues spend a long time help prevent bedsores.

The main advantage of the product is its ability to mold to the body's shape by responding to heat, thereby providing more support. They came into use in the 1960s as a way to make airplane seats more comfortable. The use of this material has been increasing ever since.

What Are the Advantages?

The growing popularity of these products is a good indicator that they work well not just for people with disabilities, but for people in general. The adaptive nature of a memory foam seat cushion helps it to instantly regain its shape after you remove the pressure. This means that, unlike typical seats and mattresses, they will not develop a sagging spot over time. The advantages of using this product include:

  • It helps you to maintain your posture while you sit and are more comfortable than regular seating
  • The material is durable so it will last for years
  • There is less pressure on the spine while sitting
  • People who need to sit while working can do so for longer periods without needing to take frequent breaks

Opting for the thickest one available is not always the best way to go. Some people tend to prefer the thinner types, so it is wise to explore all the options when buying this seating.

Choosing a Memory Foam Seat Cushion

For someone who cannot move around due to severe arthritis this is an essential product. Many people use them on hard chairs and benches, but their primary purpose is for use on wheelchairs. These disability aids are an integral part of the wellbeing and comfort of someone living with disabilities. Some of the biggest names in bedding now provide these types of items in response to the high demand.

Some providers are:

  • Carex
  • Drive Medical
  • Fenetic Wellbeing
  • The ROHO Group

These items are readily available on popular online auction websites like Amazon and eBay. These sites are particularly helpful since they generally provide customer reviews that help guide you when making a decision. One main point when buying a memory foam seat cushion is to buy one that is waterproof.

In addition, these types are easy to clean by simply wiping it. Since there are differences in foam quality, you should pay attention to this as well. Some types come with a gel bladder inside for added comfort. Look for those that offer lumbar support s these will reduce strain on your spine. Anyone who uses a wheelchair should know the seat measurement, so they can buy cushions that fit.

When selecting a memory foam seat cushion, you will need to look at the various brands as well as the thickness and style of each. To simplify your search, you can start with a brand, and then look up reviews for the products that interest you. While some people might prefer a light cushion because it is easier to transfer it to other areas, a thicker type might be more suitable for someone who spends a lot of time in a wheelchair. Whatever the final selection, it will come down to what you need to be fully comfortable as you go about your daily activities.

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