Mobility Scooter Rentals Vs. Purchasing a Powered Mobility Personal Vehicle


Those suffering from limited mobility have surely considered mobility scooter rentals. Unfortunately, while renting a scooter may be cheaper on a weekly or monthly basis, it ends up being more expensive in the long run as you are essentially sinking money into an item that may never be yours. I

f you’re expecting to need a scooter long term, both the HealthProductsforYou and AgeComfort sites have scooters for sale that will easily meet your needs.

Why Purchase a Scooter?

The answer is simple, mobility scooter rentals are expensive – and unless you only plan on needing one for a short period of time – renting is pointless once you consider that over a course of time you will have actually paid more for your scooter than it is worth – and then you will continue to pay even after that.

Purchasing a mobility scooter – even while you are making payments on it – allows you to pay only what the item is worth with the extra benefit of getting to keep your device permanently once it is paid for. It is a given that mobility aids can be expensive however, it is important to consider your needs and your budget before making any purchase decisions.

What are My Options?

If you are looking to avoid mobility scooter rentals and perhaps look into purchasing one of your own, both websites listed above have some amazing products for you to consider that are both functional and affordable. Below you will find a few of their most popular options and their price ranges.

Drive Pilot 2410

Made by the Drive Medical Company, the Drive Pilot 2410 is a four wheel, medium sized scooter that has a compact design perfect for both outdoor and indoor movement.

Featuring deeply cushioned seating, carrying basket and headlight, this scooter is an excellent option to consider. Purchase this device online from the HealthProductsforYou website for $2,000.00.

Spitfire Compact Scooter

Another excellent consideration, the Spitfire Compact Scooter is available through the AgeComfort website for roughly $1100.00. This mobility device features a four-wheel 21AH battery design that disassembles into five parts for cleaning or easy storage. The scooter features comfort seating and comes in several colors to meet your taste.

Pilot Four Wheel Scooter

Another mobility option available through the AgeComfort website, the Pilot four Wheel Scooter is produced by the Drive Medical Company and features a captain style chair with padded cushioning that is durable enough to use in both indoor and outdoor areas. This Pilot scooter has a maximum range of 22 miles on battery life and a max weight of 350 lbs – making it one of the sturdier options on the market.

Having limited mobility can slow you down and in many cases can significantly lower a person’s quality of life – to the point of causing depression. While mobility scooter rentals may be cheaper on a monthly basis, over time they prove not to be worth the effort over an item that will never be yours.

If you have a need for a mobility device on a long term scale, purchasing a scooter is definitely the better and more economical decision. Feel free to try one of the models listed here or explore the sites further to discover other scooter options that may better suit your lifestyle.

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