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The availability of mobility scooters does not mean that it is always easy to find the one that is right for your needs. It takes time to eventually find the one that meets most if not all that you require in a mobility aid.

The increasing technological changes in the design mean that most now have features for the convenience of users. Some of these features include shock absorbers and even a joystick for steering in various directions.

The Basic Concept

Although designs vary depending on the manufacturer, most of these mobility vehicles have many features in common. Like wheelchairs, mobility scooters help disabled persons to move around relatively quickly and safely. Early models had three wheels, but many brands now have four wheels giving better stability and maneuverability. A chargeable battery powers most of these transportation aids, and the running time varies from model to model.

Other differences between the different brands include:

  • The style and size of the seat
  • The weight 
  • Turning radius and general handling
  • Speed
  • Wheel size
  • The use of attachments like carrier baskets
  • The ability to handle inclines

Some models require that you start, steer and stop the vehicle with your hands, so that if you have arthritis in your hands you need to carefully select the type you need. If you have arthritic fingers and hands, look for models that can operate without too much pressure on your hands.

People with severe arthritis in the hands may find the controls difficult to manage. Popular features of the top brands include:

  • A swivel seat that makes it easy to get on and off
  • Adjustable armrests
  • The ability move the seat backward or forward, and to adjust the backrest
  • Adjustable steering columns
  • A good suspension system for bumpy surfaces

Buying Electric Mobility Scooters

Some health insurance companies will cover part of the cost of these disability aids. While prices have come down due to competition, these are still expensive. As such you need to take some factors into consideration when buying these aids.

If buying online, the seller's website should provide all the necessary information you need to help in making a decision. This includes prices, products rating, and safety features. You should also be able to learn how to care for the equipment and what kind of maintenance it requires.

The first step in choosing one of these vehicles is to understand the nature of your disability. Some people can move around at home, but longer distances or long periods of standing might be a challenge. In this case, one of the smaller, basic types might be the best option.

For those persons who travel a lot, a lightweight unit with detachable parts, which allows you to easily pull it apart and store in a vehicle is a good choice. For those users who need to use them frequently, it is important to buy those that are sturdier and made for frequent use.

Using the Vehicles Safely

Modern mobility scooters have features that make them safe for use on the road. These include front lamps and rear braking lights. Learning how to operate these vehicles includes knowing the basic steps such as starting it, and familiarizing yourself with the controls. You have to be comfortable with how the vehicle handles, and learn how to safely traverse the terrain, such as what to do when going up or down an incline.

Most people associate mobility scooters and similar vehicles with elderly persons, but younger individuals with arthritis sometimes have to use them to get around. Users must follow the maintenance guidelines, and the instructions in the manufacturer's manual to get the best use of these aids. With proper care and use, these modes of transport can last for years.

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