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Playing card holders lessens the stress on the wrists and joints that arthritis causes to swell, to become stiff and painful. The symptoms of arthritis may keep you from some activities you previously enjoyed, but card playing is not necessarily one of them. You can purchase cards, card shufflers and card holders to enable you to continue playing cards.

Card holders are useful not only to people with arthritis and others who have had injuries to their hands, but young children who have difficulty holding cards in their little hands. You should choose a cardholder design that meets your needs and those of the folks with whom you play cards.

Choosing Playing Card Holders

When choosing a card holder, you should think about what, who, where and why, for example:

  • Your favorite card games - If you play Pinochle with its 12 cards you may need a different model versus mainly playing Go Fish with its five cards in a hand.
  • Your fellow card players - If you are playing cards with small children, a simpler holder that they can use and manage might be as useful to them as to you.

  • Your card-playing site - You can hold some cardholders in your hands while you use others on a table or flat surface.
  • Playing for money or for fun - If you are playing poker, you may need to look at designs that make it difficult for anyone other than you to see your cards.

Card Holders

The Playing Card Holder Fan allows you to hold it or set it on the table. These playing card devices are sold often in packs of two for about $8 while single cost holders cost about $6. This durable plastic device can hold standard or oversize cards.

The Four Suiter Card Holder is a four-tiered holder that holds multiple cards and you can easily see your entire hand. It easily holds 12 to 15 cards, it protects your cards from being seen by others and costs about $18.

The Playing Card Holders are available with different options and different lengths, including:

  • The Ten Inch Holder, which costs about $9
  • The Fifteen Inch Holder, which costs about $10
  • Sets of 4 Ten inch holders with a deck of playing cards for people who are visually impaired, costs about $20
  • Sets of 4 fifteen inch holders with a deck of playing cards for people who are visually impaired, costs about $25

This slot design of this style cardholder allows you to easily add and remove cards and has a place in front of it to hold pens or coins.

Playing Cards

Sometimes rheumatoid arthritis affects vision and you can purchase Low Vision Playing Cards Poker Size or Bicycle EZ See LoVision Playing Cards, which you can use in any of the card holders. The person who has difficulty reading standard playing cards will easily read large suits and card numbers icons, but another benefit of the cards is that you may not need eye glasses which sometimes show the reflection of the cards in your hand.

Arthritis living aids often are for basic hygienic needs and daily living skills but you will find assistive devices for fun as well. Some health care practioners believe that when people engage in fun activities, the focus on pain and stiffness from arthritis changes to a focus on having fun and enjoying the company of others. A simple assistive device such a cardholder can actually improve your quality of life.

Playing card holders do more than allow people to play cards, they enable the person with arthritis to remain engaged with their friends and continue being an active part of society. Arthritis can take away some activities that you may have enjoyed, but effective assistive devices such as cardholders give back some of your enjoyable pastimes.

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