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The portable electric wheelchair is an ideal assistive device if you have arthritis, as it gives you back a sense of autonomy, dignity, freedom and mobility.

The use of a stick or button control at the palm of your hand means your fingers, shoulders, elbows and neck do not need to stretch or do any work that could result in a flare-up or injury. You also have more control because the tires are bigger than on a standard wheelchair and the overall device is heavier because of the motor, thus keeping you safe and giving you peace of mind.

Comfortable Hoveround

If you spend a lot of time sitting, you want to be comfortable and avoid pressure ulcers so purchasing a well-cushioned wheelchair is important. The Hoveround MPV5 comes standard with adjustable armrests and the seat has an inner spring made specifically for your comfort. You can also sit back and relax if you opt to upgrade to the reclining seat, a $399 value that most, if not all, insurance companies do not reimburse.

As you sit back in your cushiony, portable electric wheelchair, you can also relax your mind, as maneuvering this vehicle is quite simple in even the narrowest of spaces. The chair’s round design, combined with compact size and a footplate that easily flips up, makes getting around tight corners a breeze for this transportation device.

You can also enjoy traveling all day, as the battery charger is portable and lightweight so you can take it with you and plug it in whenever you run out of power.

Upgrade to the Sturdy Teknique

After the Hoveround MPV5, the other models offer all of the same features but also have some extra options you might enjoy. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, in a park or garden, the Teknique FWD might be the portable electric wheelchair you need.

This particular model allows you to travel across a variety of terrain, as it has front-wheel drive with a lot of power and can go up to four and a half miles per hour, which is faster than some other mobility products.

If you have wider hips or like to have some room on the side, the Teknique XHD is very accommodating, with its wide seat, 70-amp motor, 450-pound weight capacity and traction control rear wheels.

This model is also faster, as it can go five miles an hour, and the battery lasts for 15-20 miles, so you can race your friends for laps on end, and win every time. If this still does not meet your needs, you may look into the Teknique HD6, which has a maximum capacity of 600 pounds.

Hoveround is a household name with a long history and a higher price tag than most competitors, though most insurance covers the bulk of the cost, which goes down even more if you have a secondary insurance.

Still, affordability is always a key decision maker with any portable electric wheelchair so ultimately, it comes down to the value you place on functionality, comfort, quality and standard, as well as additional features.

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