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Posture support refers to the many tools and aids that increase a person's comfort level, whether that person is sitting or lying down. These products are helpful to people suffering from chronic back pain. Many people with back pain have a tendency to walk or stand in whatever position offers the most comfort.

The wide variety of these aids for people of varying ages and levels of mobility is staggering. Many types are primarily back and shoulder braces, but other forms of aids include seats, balls and special chairs and mattresses.

Types of Posture Support

Some common types of these aids are:

  • Back braces: These are great for people with serious back pain. They work by immobilizing the back so there is less movement of the spine and back muscles. They are also good at helping users maintain a better posture.
  • Shoulder holsters/straps: These are ideal for people who are constantly slouching.

  • Belts: For people with lower back pain, these belts help you stand and sit properly without bending incorrectly at the waist, thereby minimizing soreness.
  • Chair seats and cushions: Apart from ergonomic chairs that help you sit more comfortably, there are also add-ons such as lumbar braces, and special seats and cushions to help provide additional support for your spine while sitting. Long hours sitting at a desk is a main cause of back and shoulder pain and stiffness. These aids go a long way in improving comfort and ultimately the way you sit so that there is less pain afterwards.

  • Pillows: These help users maintain the proper position while sleeping resulting in more restful sleep. Neck pillows are great for those persons who need additional support for their necks while sitting.
  • Beds: Improving and supporting posture is more than just a daytime activity. The right type of bed can play a role in improving back issues while you are sleeping. A posture or orthopedic mattress helps to align your spine when you sleep resulting in less stiffness when you get up in the mornings. They also help you have a more restless sleep.

Identifying the Best Posture Support

Not everyone will need the same type of aid to deal with their issues, and as such each individual will need to carefully select aids for their specific purposes. When choosing the type of posture support to get some things to keep in mind are:

  • The type of material especially for those correctors to wear on the body such as belts and back and shoulder braces. The material should be comfortable, unlikely to cause skin irritation and it must be durable.
  • If you need extra support for your spine, choose back braces with a sturdy base

  • For back braces, some types require that you know your size so as to get the best fit and therefore the best result from using it.
  • Price is also an important factor, however, you need to be conscious of the fact that more expensive does not always mean better.

It is important to get the correct type of supportive aids as getting the wrong ones can do more harm than good. For example, the wrong size back brace can result in more pain due to the failure to offer the kind of support you need. Getting help in choosing is important, especially if a doctor or other specialist did not recommend what you need.

Since one common cause of back pain and discomfort is not sitting properly and holding the body in an unnatural position when doing certain activities, corrective measures such as using some form of posture support is important.

Of course, these aids are not just for people with problems, as prevention is important as well. These devices are also useful in preventing back and posture problems from occurring, especially for people who sit or stand for long periods while working. In addition, these gadgets and aids also serve the purpose of reminding users to sit properly to reduce the risk of back problems later.

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