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The design of the power wheelchair makes them more useable than manual wheelchairs. Disabled persons often choose these motorized types as they offer them greater flexibility, and it is possible to operate them with one hand.

One advantage of this type of mobility aid over regular wheelchairs is that they do not require a lot of upper body strength to operate. As such, even people with arthritic hands and fingers can operate them. In addition, rough, uneven terrain can prove challenging when pushing manually, so people who like the outdoors are much better off using those with battery power.

Since its origins after World War II, the power wheelchair has undergone a number of technological improvements. Today's models offer greater speed, longer battery life, better maneuverability, better traction and more responsive controls.

While the initial price, replacement parts and maintenance of these devices require a significant investment, with proper care they can serve for a long time. If you are considering buying one you should make note of:

  • Outdoor speeds
  • Speed settings
  • Availability and cost of replacement parts
  • Turning radius
  • Climbing ability

Making the Right Selection

Anyone who wants to buy a power wheelchair will find a number of features that interest them, even if they are not essential. These modern versions have smaller, thicker wheels and the design of the chair itself offers greater body support than older models.

Some companies have sterling reputations in the marketplace and you can always count on them for quality and innovation. A few of these popular brands are:

  • Permobil: Standouts models in this range include the K450 MX for children or small adults, and the C500 VS Stander, which can move the disabled person into a standing position.

  • Heartway Medical Products: This company produces manual and electric wheelchairs, and mobility scooters for various needs.

  • Drive Medical: This brand produces different types of mobility aids such as scooters and chairs

Buying a power wheelchair is an investment and as such requires an understanding your needs, as well as an awareness of the environment you will be using it in are important considerations. Some steps to bear in mind when making a selection include:

  • If your home is lacking in space, get one that make tight turns and that is easy to control
  • Your weight, since some models are designed for people of different weight
  • If the potential user likes to travel, choose a device that will fit in the family's vehicle
  • Areas with hilly, uneven terrains will require more motor power
  • Battery life so that you can get more out of your chair

Style and front or rear wheel drive will depend on your preference, but it is still helpful to get advice from another user or a medical professional. Companies that make and sell these products offer complete details on each one, so it is not difficult to get the information you need.


Properly maintaining a power wheelchair is an essential component not only for your safety but for extending its useful life. It also helps to ensure that it will live up to expectations for as long as possible. Another aspect of the maintenance schedule is to follow the manufacturer's specifications. A schedule for caring for the device may include:

  • Checking the tires to make sure they are not worn, and that they have the correct pressure
  • Checking for loose or shaky panels
  • Making sure that the rubber boot at the base of the joystick is intact, and that the joystick is working properly
  • Ensuring that all bolts are tight
  • Cleaning the surfaces, especially the wheels after outdoor use

Regular maintenance will reduce the need for replacement parts and repairs. If this becomes necessary, technicians are usually only a phone call away and many will actually make home visits.

The power wheelchair is popular today because many people with mobility problems want the freedom of going where they want to without tiring out their arms or being a burden on others. While these items are relatively expensive, in some cases health insurance will cover part of the cost for acquiring one.

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