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raised toilet seat

Yes, you are on a web page dedicated to discussing the raised toilet seat and if you are wondering why, well you found your way here because you clearly want information. An elevated seat for your porcelain throne is nothing to have shame in, as this assistive device offers a variety of health benefits, both physical and mental.

That may sound silly but if you have ever been sick, injured or are suffering with arthritis, you know that your physical health directly affects your mood and state of mind, which is a good reason to improve your physical well-being, starting with your ability to use the bathroom.


If you have arthritis, especially if it is debilitating, an elevated toilet seat can assist you in maintaining joint stability, preventing injury and keeping your dignity. As you get older, or if you ever had a condition that required you to stay in a hospital or have a home health attendant, you know that having your private areas exposed is uncomfortable and invasive. Even when you are not quite yourself, you still want to have your privacy and some level of independence, both of which a raised toilet seat can provide.

By not having to bend as much and by having a toilet seat with handles, you can go to the bathroom unassisted because your risk of falling or sustaining an injury is minimal. The reduction in the amount you need to bend also alleviates joint pain, prevents flare-ups, and does not aggravate inflammation as much as if you needed to lower your body to sit on a standard toilet.

The support handles, should you opt for this model, offers more stability and if you do not have arthritis in your upper body, you can put your weight on your arms to reduce pressure on your legs, hips or pelvic joints.

The Seat

A raised toilet seat is fairly basic, though several designs are available so you can opt for the one that best meets your needs and your price range. If your arthritis is not that advanced and is only in one area of your body, you might want to start with something simple, like a cushioned toilet seat. For as little as $20, you can sit on a foam cushion wrapped in vinyl that, when placed on your current toilet seat, gives you an additional height of up to four inches.

If you find you need extra support, you might prefer a raised toilet seat that has padded arms, which are removable on some models. This feature is good in the event you change your mind or need the arms down to get onto the seat, as may be the case if you are in a wheelchair or use a walker. These types of seats are available as high as eight inches and you can choose to put it directly on top of your current toilet seat or put the seat on top of the elevated assistive device.

For those of you that have a little more to love or just like to have some space while occupying your commode, fear not, as you can purchase an elevated toilet seat to accommodate this need. To make room for comfort, this type of seat does not sit directly on your toilet but instead, it is set up on legs that stand to the sides of your toilet. The hole of the seat needs to line up with the opening on your toilet but the actual seat is wider and the support arms extend to the sides of the elevated chair.

So, now that you know the types of beneficial seats that are available for your porcelain throne, you just need to decide which is best for your condition and make your purchase. Just keep in mind a couple of things, like the fact that your arthritis may become worse so you might want to buy a better raised toilet seat now instead of having to spend more money later. You might also consider one with a cushion so you do not develop skin problems, as well as one that is easy to clean and hygienic.

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