Arthritis Self Care Aids Makes Grooming, Dressing and Primping Easier

Some persons with arthritis want to remain independent and as such self care is important. This means being able to take care of their own hygiene and grooming needs. A number of products make it possible for anyone dealing with a disability to improve their quality of life and maintain their independence.

Types of Grooming Tools


Grooming and hygiene are important parts of living a quality life, but for someone with arthritic hands, this can be problematic. Many grooming products are difficult to manage if you have joint pain or joint deformity.

People with severe arthritis in the hands find it difficult hold the handles of regular combs and brushes, and using buttons, zips and shoelaces is almost impossible for some. Thankfully there are products on the market that make these everyday routines manageable.

Some self care products that can improve the lives of people living with arthritis are:

  • Hair brushes and combs: In many cases it will become necessary to change your hairbrush. Those with large, wide handles put less stress on the hands and fingers. Some people find it easier to use those that do not have any handles.  Wide teeth combs are also a better option as they minimize the pull and snagging on hair.

  • Hair dryer holder: These holders are ideal for people who are unable to hold a standard blow dryer. Some versions come with adjustable stands so you can sit or stand while using them. Another benefit of these holders is that you can brush your hair while blowing it since you will not need to hold the hairdryer.
  • Zip grips: Much like the button puller, these handy devices make it easy to manipulate zippers. These come in different styles such as a ring or a hook. There are even dual purpose zipper and button hook pullers.

  • Adaptive clothing: For independent living, changing to adaptive clothing is a good idea. These types of clothing use elastic waistbands and Velcro closures to make it easier to get dressed. The less need to button up or use a zipper the more comfortable it is for someone with arthritis in their hands. The styles and designs are attractive as the only change is to make them easy for people with disabilities to use. Some types of adaptive clothing are specially made to accommodate people who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices.
  • Elastic shoe laces: The beauty of these types of laces is that they stretch so that there is rarely any need to untie them. The stretchable laces help you to slip on or off your shoes quickly.

  • Button hook puller: These handy devices help people who have arthritic hands to get dressed. These simple aids have flexible handles that are easy to grip so that there is no added stress on the wrists or fingers when pulling buttons through button holes.
selfhelp nailclippers

Other adaptive self care personal grooming products include:

  • Nail clippers and nail clip boards: The larger handles of the clips makes handling them more comfortable. For some people using a nail clip board is a better option as the clip is firmly affixed to the board which is then suctioned to a surface that there is no pressure or slipping when cutting your nails.
  • Tweezers: Many come with a grip that makes it possible to get extra support by resting it comfortably in the palm of the hands.

  • Toothbrushes: The wide variety of toothbrushes available for people with arthritis and other types of disabilities makes it easy to maintain proper oral hygiene.
  • Shavers: These also come in a wide array of styles for men and women making it easy to find one to fit your particular need depending on your level of discomfort when holding a razor.

The ready availability of grooming and hygiene products for people with disabilities puts self care within reach for most of them. Best of all, most of these devices are inexpensive with many selling for below $10.00. Finding these products is easy as many online stores catering to people with disabilities carry them.

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