Shampoo Dispenser - No Squeeze Automatic Hair and Body Cleanser Delivery


The symptoms of arthritis affect people in many ways, and a shampoo dispenser is one of many useful living aids that can improve the quality and comfort of your life.

Many arthritic patients have a hard time tending to their bathroom needs. Particularly during a painful flare up of symptoms, patients may not be able to squeeze a bottle of toothpaste, pump soap, or even get shampoo out of the bottle to wash hair.

Before arthritis, showers might have been relaxing, but now they are exhausting and challenging, using up energy that could be used throughout the rest of the day. Fortunately, arthritis living aids can be a great help in the bathroom to accommodate a patient’s needs.

No More Squeeze

Squeezing shampoo and conditioner bottles seems like such a simple task, until you add painful joints into the mix. Bending to pick up bottles of soap or hair products could wreak havoc on arthritic back, hips, or knees. A shampoo dispenser is the perfect solution to this problem.

No more finding a place for bottles in the shower or dropping bars or bottles of soap.  Dispensers come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll be certain to find one most suited to your needs.  From simple plastic dispensers to elegant glass, a dispenser can match any type of bathroom decoration.

In the Shower Dispensers

For a shower, dispensers can be easily installed on the shower wall, keeping them out of the way and easily accessible. Triple dispensers are perfect to hold your shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel all in one convenient place. If you prefer something else, dispensers with one, two, or even four chambers are also available. For a bathtub, freestanding dispensers can be placed on the sides of the tub.

The simplest of dispensers have large easy to press buttons that dispense the shampoo or other liquids. Other touch-less dispensers use infrared sensor technology to dispense the liquid. Just put your hand under the dispenser and the perfect, premeasured amount of liquid will be released into your hand. The automatic dispenser is convenient and clean. No contact helps to prevent the spread of germs in a shared bathroom.

Shampoo dispensers can be priceless in the help that they give, but their cost is easily affordable.  Most dispensers range from $15 to $35, depending on their size and brand. Like many others, you may even discover that when you use dispensers you save extra money on shower products by purchasing in bulk to fill the dispensers.

Living with arthritis is a struggle, and though the disease is not curable, many products can improve a patient’s daily life. Arthritis living aids help to give back some of the independence arthritis tries to take away.  A shampoo dispenser can do a lot to simplify every day bathroom tasks, helping a shower to be more relaxing.

No more fumbling with bottles that try to slip out of your hand, no more fighting to uncap or unscrew lids, no more bending to pick them off the floor. Your joints will be happy with this simple, but genius addition to your shower.

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