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A shower chair makes a good safety companion, especially if you live alone and have arthritis, which can increase your risk of falling or becoming injured while in this slippery environment.

This piece of adaptive equipment comes in a variety of styles and sizes so you can choose the best chair to meet your showering and safety needs. It also provides you with peace of mind, as it gives you one less potential hazard to worry about, allowing you to enjoy a fresh start to each day.

Slide to Safety

Arthritis of the ankle, knee, hip, pelvic or spine can all make lifting your legs, balancing and bending difficult. Any weakness, pain or inflammation in these joints, especially during a flare-up, puts you at risk for getting hurt, particularly when you are trying to get into the shower.

To avoid a potential accident, make life easy and do not lift your legs to get in and out of the shower or bend down if you drop the shampoo or your razor. Instead, buy a sliding transfer bench so you can enter and exit the tub without ever having to lift a foot.

This type of shower chair is long, roughly 40 inches depending on the brand and model you select, so it has two legs in the shower and two on the bathroom floor. The seat, which slides across the base, has a non-slip surface, padding, a seat belt and if you like, a cut out center. You can adjust the height of the legs, allowing you to bend less and maintain your balance while planting your derriere on the seat.

The price for this type of shower chair is around $250 but if you find a cheaper model, make sure it has a few important features, like a rust proof frame. You should also look for a lightweight chair so you can easily move it if necessary, as well as one that can accommodate your weight. If possible, you should try this piece of adaptive equipment out in a medical supply store prior to buying it since it is a non-returnable item because of hygienic reasons.

Simple Comfort

If your arthritis is not that bad or if it is not in a joint that affects your ability to get in and out of the tub, you might prefer a shower chair that simply sits in the tub and does not cross over to the bathroom floor. A basic chair for the shower is much cheaper than the sliding bench, as the price for this product starts at around $40.

This seating arrangement comes in a variety of styles so you can opt for one with or without handles, which may be high or low. You can also decide if you want a chair that has a back or is backless and if you want a seat that is flat or curved.

When shopping around for this type of chair, you should look for one welded together because this type of design provides more durability and support. If you cannot find a chair with a cushioned seat but you like all the other features, do not let this deter you from getting the item you need, especially since you can always buy a cushion.

A shower chair is a good investment not only because it helps to prevent slips and falls in the tub but also because it reduces opportunities to further damage your arthritic joints. If you have bad arthritis, or if your condition limits your ability to perform certain daily activities, consider purchasing a chair for your shower so you can wash up in a safer environment.

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