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For obvious safety reasons, everyone should have a shower mat to cover the wet, slippery surface of the tub but, this is especially true if you have a joint problem, like arthritis. The number of preventable accidents that occur because people do not purchase a mat for their tub is astounding, and you should not allow yourself to become part of this statistic.

You should also care enough about yourself to take preventive measure so you can avoid needing treatment for another medical condition, as your arthritis is probably more than enough to deal with, especially during flare-ups.

The Problem

Growing older is not easy, mentally or physically, as it involves change and you may start to reflect on your life, develop fears and begin to face your own mortality. For any of these reasons, you may decide you do not want to get older so you avoid going to the doctor, taking medications or engaging in other treatments that promote health and prevent further deterioration or illness.

This is normal and understandable but the fact remains, you are getting older and your body does not handle things, like injury, the way it did when you were younger.

So, you need to stop being stubborn, quit your whining and go buy a shower mat, along with any other assistive devices you might need to help alleviate the pain of  your arthritis and slow down its progression. This simple, cheap piece of plastic can prevent horrible injuries, reduces the risk of your arthritis becoming worse and allows you to stay out of the hospital.

If you fall in your tub, you are unlikely to suffer a minor injury and even if you do, it takes a long time to heal so that part of your body is going to be out of commission for a while, creating yet another inconvenience.

A fall in the tub could result in an open wound and since you are older, that makes you more prone to infection, particularly if it is in a place that is hard to reach, preventing you from cleaning it. Even worse, if you sustain an injury that requires you to go to the hospital and you have an open wound, you are at a higher risk of developing an infection or catching something you did not have when you first went to the hospital and all because you were too stubborn to buy a shower mat.


Stay home, stay healthy, buy a shower mat so you do not slip and slide while washing yourself each day. It really is such a simple thing and if the thought of needing it because you are older is holding you back, just think of the many people who are younger than you and have a mat for their shower.

This is not an old, sick person device, it is a safety measure, a precautionary tactic, a preventive approach that keeps you healthy, and if you do not want to age or develop medical problems, then do what makes you healthy so you can stay young.

The Mat

If you still do not want to buy a mat for your shower, think of the many options you have for this product, as you cannot say the same for most other assistive living tools. You can find a mat in any color, whether you like it because it matches your bathroom décor or it is just simply your favorite.

You can have a mat sold by a medical supply store installed for you so you do not have to bend and you only need to clean the mat one to two times a month. They are also mildew resistant and do not come up like some of the cheap ones you might find in a low-end store.

You are obviously intelligent and care about your health, otherwise you would not be doing your research and reading this article. You may have reasons for not buying other devices that make living with arthritis easier but you really should not have a reason for not getting a shower mat. Invest in your health and safety and give your loved ones one less thing to worry about when they leave to go back home.

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