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Stair lifts for disabled people open accessibility options and frequently allows physically challenged people to remain in their home and comfortable surroundings. People impaired from arthritis can find indoor and outdoor stairway lifts at and offer Acorn lifts for straight and curved staircases.

Before installation, the stair lifts can cost a few thousand dollars or more, so it is important to choose the lift systems that meet your needs.

Choosing a Stair Lift

As you begin to look at staircase lifts, you should consider:

  • Stair mounting - The track for the chair should mount not to the wall but to the stairs, which must be in good repair. If your stairs are narrow, pay attention to the distance that the track will be from the wall and you might want fold up seats and foot rests.

  • Seat height - If you have trouble getting in and out of a seat, the proper seat height for the lift will make getting on and off the stair lifts for disabled people easier. Make sure the seat is at the right height at the bottom and top of the stairs, so no matter if the person is tall or short, he or she can easily mount and dismount from the chair.

  • Seat depth - Tall people, in particular, need the right depth of seat so that their feet are not dragged up or down the stairs.

  • Landings - Both the bottom and top landings need adequate room for the track to go all the way down or up for safe transfers on and off the seat.

  • Battery options - The lifts should have back up battery power in case of electrical outages.

  • Weight Capacity - Make sure the chair can handle the weight of the user and most lift weight capacity ranges from 250 to 400 pounds.

  • Installation - Be sure you are able to install the lift, either yourself or that you can hire a professional. The website has professional installers that you include the basic installation fee when you purchase their products.

Types of Staircase Lifts

Stair lifts for disabled people are either outside, inside, curved or straight staircase lifts. The outside lifts are not as common as the inside ones but the Health Products for You website offers the Harmar Summit Outdoor Stairway Lift in three colors, evergreen, mocha and light almond. The unit has a weather tight cover, seat and anodized aluminum track.

The Agecomfort web site offers Acorn curved stair lifts for those staircases with curves and bends. The chair folds away to leave the staircase accessible for the other members of the household that do not need the lift. The padded seat and backrest provides comfort as it glides quietly and smoothly even in power outages as it has a battery pack for back up.

Most of the lifts are for straight staircases and you have a variety from which to choose and special features such as extra wide seats or flip up arms. Stair lifts for disabled people with arthritis or any other malady are investments in independence and when properly installed for your own special needs, they offer a safe way to access all levels of your home.

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