Thermoskin Arthritis Ankle Wrap - Adjustable Spandex Support


Ankle arthritis can be very painful. A Thermoskin arthritis ankle wrap may help to relieve painful symptoms. About 1 in 5 adults in the United States suffer from Arthritis, ranking it as the leading cause of disability. Less common than other forms of arthritis, ankle arthritis can sometimes be caused by ankle injuries.

Symptoms may include pain, stiffness, and swelling. As the arthritis progresses, walking and standing may become difficult. Unfortunately no cure exists for arthritis, but many treatment options are available to reduce symptoms and slow progression of the disease. Early treatment will help to prevent permanent damage to the ankle joint.

Added ankle support is an important treatment measure that will take stress off of the arthritic ankle. Arthritis often causes swelling around the affected joint, particularly in the ankle. Ankle wraps decrease swelling, and help to support the ankle, which improves the joint’s mobility. A wrap should be worn whenever strain is put on the ankle joint, to prevent permanent damage from unnecessary stress.

Why An Ankle Wrap?

Thermoskin arthritis ankle wraps provide firm, even compression and support for the ankle with the greatest possible fit. The wrap’s elastic fabric is designed to comfortably control arthritic swelling and stabilize the ankle.

Wearing a wrap allows you to retain naturally generated body heat to relieve pain and discomfort, yet the breathable fabric keeps comfortably dry, preventing odor or skin irritation. The constant heat improves circulation to the ankle, reducing inflammation.

  • Mildly increases ankle temperature improving circulation for pain relief
  • Lining made of Trioxon, a fiber that keeps skin ventilated and dry.
  • Adjustable strap applies extra support and compression when needed.
  • Hand or machine-washable.

Types of Wraps

In addition to the Thermoskin arthritis ankle wrap, these two wraps help arthritis patients to obtain relief from painful symptoms.

The Active

Active Wrap’s Foot and Ankle Wrap with Hot and Cold Therapy offers targeted pain relief for ankle arthritis. Comes with two thermal gel packs that stay soft when frozen, conforming to your ankle for flexible treatment.  Compresses and supports the ankle with or without thermal therapy.

  • Two reusable 4.5" x 7” heat or ice packs
  • Non-toxic gel conforms to your ankle
  • Adjustable ankle wrap
  • Washable, nylon pouch holds thermal packs

The Captain

The Captain Adjustable Ankle Support with Spandex Wrap provides customized support. Made from high quality neoprene, the ankle support was designed with comfort in mind. Separate spandex wrap gives extra support for better stability, limiting stress on the joint. Strong Velcro fastens to make sure the fit is perfect each time.

  • Made from light, breathable neoprene
  • Removable Spandex Wrap
  • Fits on either ankle
  • One size fits all

Living with arthritis is not easy, but with treatment many patients experience relief from many symptoms. Your ankles carry the burden of all your weight, so ankle arthritis can be particularly painful. It’s important to give your ankles the added support they need, not only to reduce symptoms, but also to protect the joint.

Arthritis aids such as the Thermoskin arthritis ankle wrap help you to live more comfortably despite the painful condition, letting you stay active and live a fulfilling life.

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