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The Thermoskin Arthritis Elbow Wrap plus other brands of supportive wraps are available through the AgeComfort and HealthProductsforYou websites. In order to help you begin your search for the one that best suits your individual needs, we are including below a list of several of the more popular models and their price ranges.

Bioflex Universal Elbow Wrap

A small but extremely effective device, the Bioflex Universal Elbow Wrap made by Bioflex Medical Magnets, INC is available for just under $20 through HealthProductsforYou and is popular among both sufferers of arthritis and athletes alike. This product is meant to help alleviate elbow pain and inflammation through the use of the powerful magnets it contains.

Core Body Control Elbow Wrap

Another excellent product available through  HealthProductsforYou, the Core Body Control Elbow Wrap is a product of Core Products International, Inc. and sells for $25.

This  larger wrap  gives extra support to the area around the elbow as well. The material the wrap is made from encourages are flow to the skin—to prevent it from getting hot and sticky -- while also minimizes bruising and swelling. Available in several sizes for a custom fit, this product is definitely one worth considering.

Hot or Cold Therapy Wrap

A product readily available through the AgeComfort site, the Hot or Cold Therapy wrap is produced by the Active Wrap company and is a compress elbow wrap that is built to include the use of hot/cold thermal pads to help you alleviate stiffness, pain and inflammation. The thermal packs are both microwave and freezer safe and come with a one year warranty.

The wrap itself is durable, breathable and provides excellent support. The device features hook and loop style fastenings for a secure fit and contains plush lycra interior to keep you comfy while wearing it. Also helpful for those dealing with tennis elbow and bursitis, this elbow wrap sells for $40.

While the Thermoskin Arthritis Elbow Wrap is effective – it is important to consider other brands as well as numerous models and makes include similar technology at a more reasonable price. Both the AgeComfort and HealthProductsforYou websites feature dozens of wraps in different styles and specialties – so be sure to peruse and do some research before making any purchases to ensure that you are ordering the best device for your individual needs.

If you are unsure as to what type of elbow wrap may be most appropriate, seek the advice of your physician as they can help guide your search.

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