Thermoskin Arthritis Knee Wrap - Elastic Therapeutic Support


The Thermoskin arthritis knee wrap offers both support and comfort and is an excellent tool for helping you to manage the pain and symptoms of arthritis. These simple to wear medical devices help keep extra strain and pressure off your knee while also minimizing swelling to help you retain full function.

Although effective, the Thermoskin brand products are a bit pricier – so buying a similar brand from the HealthProductsforYou or AgeComfort websites may be your best solution.

Thermoskin VS. Other Brands

While the Thermoskin brand is reliable and extremely effective – they currently are not the only products on the market that will aid you in coping with the daily discomfort and symptoms of an arthritic knee. Several other brands have released very similar products and while they tend to be less expensive – are no less effective than a Thermoskin arthritic knee wrap.

What Can a Knee Wrap Do for You?

It can do wonders! A Thermoskin arthritis knee wrap, as well as other knee wraps are the most effective method for helping to maintain your mobility and your quality of life even while dealing with Arthritis. Specifically designed to counter balance the symptoms of the condition – knee wraps will keep your knee in alignment while reducing swelling and inflammation through heat technology.

What are My Options?

Both the AgeComfort and HealthProductsforYou websites offer several different models of arthritic knee wraps that are both affordable and effective. Below you will find just a few of their most popular options.

Core Wrap Around Neoprene Knee Support

Perfect for combating sprains, injuries and chronic arthritis, the Core Wrap Around Neoprene Knee Support made by Core Product International, Inc. is available through HealthProductsforYou  and comes in several sizes to meet your needs. The brace features hook and loop straps, comfort nylon lining and provides both lateral and medial support. This device is available online for just over $30.

ProLite Airflow Wrap Around Hinged Knee Brace

While the name sounds complicated, the Prolite Wrap Around Hinged Knee Wrap produced by FLA Orthopedics is a top of the line medical device that is available to you through the HealthProductsforYou website for just under $60.

A perfect aid for arthritis sufferers and those dealing with ligament injuries, this brace is easy to apply to tender, swollen knee joints. This exceptional model provides both lateral and medial allowing full range of motion.

Elastic Knee Stabilizer

An affordable option for anyone looking to try a knee wrap for the first time, the Elastic Knee Stabilizer made by BIOS and sold through the AgeComfort website will likely be a Godsend. Selling for about $20, this simple brace offers amazing medial and lateral support while still allowing you to have full range of motion. This device also prevents compression and features an opening in the front to support the patella.

Finding the perfect Thermoskin Arthritis Knee Wrap can be difficult, which is why it is so important to also look into the benefits of other brands and types of devices for helping to manage your arthritis. Knee wraps are a huge help in maintaining full mobility and decreasing your pain and discomfort to a manageable level.

Affordable options for knee wraps, available on both the HealthProductsforyou and AgeComfort websites, are definitely worth checking out. The items listed here are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is out there. Don’t be afraid to do a bit of research and try new products – everyone’s body is different.

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