Toilet Aid - Commodes, Seat Raisers, Grab Bars and Self-Wipe Tools


A toilet aid can be a lifesaver for the elderly or people with disabilities who have difficulties with basic hygiene. Although there are a wide variety of them, they all fall into certain main categories. The main purposes of these include:

  • To get into the bathroom and on the toilet
  • To get off the toilet
  • To remain stable while using the toilet
  • To help with cleaning

Many users find that including these adaptive aids in their bathrooms help them to remain independent for longer. It also removes the embarrassment of having to ask for help when performing basic but necessary bodily functions.

What Type of Toilet Aid

The purpose of all the main groupings where you would find a toilet aid is to help people with disabilities or the elderly maintain their sense of self-worth when performing the basic functions most people take for granted. Some of these accessories are:

  • Commodes - These ‘portable toilets’ are ideal for people who have difficulty using the regular types. They come in two main parts, the bucket (the bowl section) and a seat. The various types of commodes are folding, portable, wheelchair and bariatric.

  • Seat raisers - These adaptive devices help to make using the toilet easier and safer as they raise the seat a little higher. Some models come with handles, while others have straps or adhesive to ensure that they do not slip off the original seat.

  • Toilet frames - Placing these frames over the toilet makes it safe for people with stability issues. They can use the bathroom without fear of falling. Usually the user will place one over the toilet, so it offers support for lowering the body and makes it easier to sit. These items can act as grab rails to improve stability. Many come with a splashguard to decrease the chance of making a mess.
  • Grab rails - People who struggle with mobility problems or stability issues can use these items to help them sit and get up any time they have to go to the bathroom.

Some toileting aids are just plain practical, although some people may not want to think about this aspect of the process of elimination. These aids deal with cleanliness. Just because your ability to twist, bend and move makes wiping difficult or painful, doesn't mean you have to suffer. Instead you will find a variety of aids perfect for your most intimate cleanliness needs.

  • Bidet toilets - Instead of having a whole bidet installed in your home, you can now install the bidet adaptive toilet seat to your regular toilet and enjoy the amazing cleaning benefits of fresh warm water and even warm air for drying.
  • Self-wipes/bottom wipers - These devices make it easier to clean yourself after using the bathroom. Most come with extendable handles, which make it possible for someone who has difficulties using their hands to exert the right amount of pressure to clean themselves. These aids also have a press button feature that allows the user to roll on the right amount of tissue and release it into the toilet after use. These products are portable so you can carry them with you if you need to be away from home.

Important Factors in Making a Selection

Just as you would with any other purchase, you must pay attention to some important selection criteria. When buying a toilet aid some factors that you cannot ignore are:

  • Safety: Keeping safe is especially important for people who use these products. As such, the devices should be sturdy and unlikely to cause injury when being used. If they promise to help the user remain stable, then they should do so without difficulty

  • Comfort: People with disabilities and the elderly should have no resulting discomfort from using these essential items

  • Ease of use: Putting these items together should not be challenging, plus there should be no difficulty in using them

  • Cost plays an important role in choosing the appropriate brand

Due to the demand for these aids, more companies are now making them, so finding suitable products is relatively easy. You can find them in specialty stores catering to the elderly and people with disabilities.

It is also possible to locate them in many brick and mortar stores. Like mobility and other disability aids, a toilet aid helps people living with physical impairments to maintain their quality of life.

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