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The utensil hand clip is a pretty cool device and though not the highlight of getting older, it is still nice to think you can have stuff like this and get away with it, whereas a younger person would definitely be subject to mockery from friends.

Seriously though, your health is important and if you are in pain or want to avoid inducing a flare up, eating with a clip on utensil is one way to live more comfortably with arthritis. It may take some getting used to, like if you ever tried to learn to eat with chopsticks, but you are definitely up to the challenge, otherwise you would not be reading this, right?

The Design

This device is actually quite simple, as it is made of plastic and has a tiny spring in it, both of which makes the clip flexible and allows it to adjust to the size of your hand. On the plastic hand clip is a snug little pocket into which you can insert your own fork, spoon and knife, though you may want to hold off on that last one until you are in the habit of eating with this device. The design of these eating aids is also beneficial because it does not pinch the skin or any nerves, so you can enjoy your meal without worries.

If you do not like the plastic design, another type of utensil hand clip is also available and it is entirely made of leather. The brown leather is softer against your skin and actually wraps around the middle of your hand, which is probably the reason people know it as a cuff.

Easy on Utensil Holder

Although double the price, this may be more comfortable for you, especially if you have dry, sensitive or damaged skin and it performs the same function as the plastic utensil clip. To avoid pinching the skin, the leather cuff has an elastic strap and is available in small, medium or large so you can find the size that best fits your hand, allowing you to eat in comfort.

The Consumer

Both of these products have excellent reviews, which means your fellow arthritis sufferers love these devices and find them helpful. This is important to consider before purchasing any product because no one wants to deal with the hassle of returning an item or the frustration of wasting money.

The fact so many arthritis sufferers like the utensil hand clip means that it is easy to use, worth the money, does not induce pain or damage the skin, and ultimately, it allows you to continue to enjoy eating. Once you finish your meal without your utensil falling out of the holder, the easy cleanup process should also make you as happy as it has your fellow consumer.


The utensil hand clip is a simple little device that is making the life of arthritis sufferers easier and less stressful but, like anything else, if you do not need it, do not buy it. If you do not have arthritis or some other medical condition that inhibits you from using your hand to eat, you should not be lazy.

A lack of muscle and joint use weakens these areas of your body and could result in the development of a health condition, like arthritis. If you are healthy, stay healthy by staying active and using the parts of your body while they still function normally.

If you have osteo, rheumatoid, posttraumatic arthritis and your hand, wrist or fingers do not function as well as they once did, consider buying a utensil hand clip. It is inexpensive, allows you to enjoy meals with less pain and reduces the risk of flare-ups.

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