Wheelchair Lift for Cars - Manual or Power Swing-away or Ramp Lift for Vehicles


A wheelchair lift for cars is a must have accessory if you or a passenger you transport has difficulty walking or is unable to ambulate. In addition to being convenient and sparing your back any hardships, it also saves time, prevents injury to the person in the wheelchair and makes traveling easier.

This one time investment is well worth it, as you no longer have to struggle or stress whether you are going to a store, a medical appointment or just taking a drive.


Medical supplies quickly becomes costly and prioritizing needs can be confusing but if you do not rush into purchases and do some research, you can find more affordable solutions. When traveling with a wheelchair bound person, it is ideal to have a ramp or lift, though some of these products are expensive.

Fortunately, you have the option of purchasing a Harmar Tilt n Tote wheelchair lift, a lightweight, affordable and functional, not fancy, piece of assistive equipment specifically designed for the standard, person-operated wheelchair.

This specific Harmar model starts at around $560 but you can get it on sale for less and if you or someone you know can install this, then that saves you even more money. The only additional costs come from the type of hitch you need to buy and if you want a wheelchair cover.

At this price, you get a simple to use wheelchair lift for cars that tilts at the joint so you can roll right up without making any adjustments to the wheelchair.

Power Up

If you need something with power or do not mind spending some extra money on the next model up, the Harmar Power Tote wheelchair lift can fulfill your needs. At just under $1300, you get a wheelchair lift for cars that requires you to do nothing more than push a single button.

If for any reason you run across a technical difficulty or cannot get the power going, you can manually work the lift with a hand crank. This is especially nice if your battery dies and the weather is cold, wet or icy, as you can still get the person in the wheelchair into the car quickly and safely. Since this model lift has power, you can also opt for some extras, like an additional wiring kit or the swing away option.

Top Notch

The last of the Harmar lifts is specifically for Invacare power wheelchairs and has a 7.5 by 27 inch platform that can hold 300-360 pounds, depending on which model you buy. This model also gives you the option to buy an additional battery pack, an important item since this lift is picking up a lot of weight. You can purchase this lift for just below $2400 and it requires a class two or three hitch because of the weight and size of the device.

Choosing to buy a wheelchair lift for cars is not one you need to heavily consider, unless it causes financial hardship. The safety, convenience and functionality of this medical device is worth the money and definitely makes traveling a lot simpler. Now that you are familiar with the Harmar line of wheelchair lifts, all you need to do is decide which one is right for you.

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