Zip Grips - Zipper Pull and Hook Device Assistive Dressing Aid


Among arthritis products, zip grips are among the more personal items in a large range of assistive devices. These items are important accessories for anyone with arthritis in their hands or other disabilities that affect the fingers and hands.

Using buttons, laces and zippers are some everyday activities that can make life difficult if you have arthritic hands, but devices such as zipper and button pulls make these tasks manageable for most people.

Types of Zipper Assistive Devices

With the wide variety of zip grips on the market, it is easy to find those that are most suitable for you depending on your level of disability. These items, along with adaptive clothing help to ensure a level of independence for the arthritis sufferer.

Dressing and grooming aids are the least expensive disability products, and they are also the simplest to use. They are not electronic, and contain no moving parts, and are relatively self explanatory.

Pulling a zipper is a routine task most people take for granted. A person with arthritis in the hands may find it challenging to hold the tab properly between two fingers due to the decline in fine motor skills. This product allows them to manipulate the slider without putting stress on the hands or fingers. Among the variety of styles available are:

  • Hooks
  • Rings
  • String
  • U shape

A wide variety of fashionable designs are available if you want that extra flair. The highly decorative pieces will no doubt be more costly, but they also tend to be more durable. A few companies use these items as marketing tools, offering zip grips emblazoned with their logos. The types of materials available include:

  • Metal
  • Rubber
  • Silicone
  • Nylon
  • PVC

The flexibility of rubber, silicone and nylon make these products easy on the hands. Some of these products come with tin hooks, making attachment easy. A few will require some assistance in attaching them to zippers, but once on, they make life easier. It is possible to get these items as part of a disability aids kit. Sometimes this product is combined with the button pull as a single item for the convenience of users.

When buying zip grips from a website, ensure that the seller provides as much information as possible. Pictures that show people using the items are helpful, and will give a sense of how effective they are. Buying online is an easy way to make quick price comparisons. A number of specialty stores also carry these items.

Anyone buying these items for a loved one should consider the extent of their limitation in motor skills. Decorative pieces may be nice to look at, but they are not suitable for everyone. The severity of the condition may force the user to grasp with a fist instead of the fingers. Some guidance from someone trained in caring for people with arthritis and disability or a knowledgeable store rep can be helpful in these cases. As much as it is possible, try out different assistive aids before buying as this makes the process easier.

The high numbers of people suffering from arthritis continues to drive demand for suitable disability aids. Despite the oftentimes debilitating effects of the conditions, most sufferers do not think of themselves as disabled. In this context, anything that contributes to their overall sense of well being is worth consideration.

Zip grips are necessary adaptive devices if you want to continue to be independent. Dressing is among the simplest of tasks, but for an arthritic person, it can prove problematic. Quick research on disability aids will yield many results which can be useful to someone with arthritis. That is one reason millions of people worldwide use adaptive clothing and devices as they help them maintain their quality of life.

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